Who is Cradlepoint?

Posted by Michelle Lewis on August 26, 2020

Cradlepoint connect more wire less

Remember the name.

A few weeks back MobileCorp was presenting a wireless solution to the CIO of an Australian enterprise company and the comment was made  "I've never heard of Cradlepoint. Who are they?"

So here is a snapshot of the company that is leading the world into a wireless WAN future and has launched the world's first 5G for business solution.


Who is Cradlepoint?

Cradlepoint is a privately held company headquartered in Boise, Idaho USA, with a development center in Silicon Valley, California, and international offices in the UK and Australia.

*UPDATE: On 18 September 2020 Ericsson announced its acquisition of Cradlepoint.

It has 648 employees and total funding raised of US$168 million.

Cradlepoint has been recognised as a global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G routers, and wireless edge network solutions for mobile, branch and IOT networks.

Cradlepoint powered by Netcloud

Introduction to Cradlepoint with MobileCorp


Who is using Cradlepoint solutions?

As at December 2019, Cradlepoint had over 20,000 customers globally, and more than a million NetCloudTM endpoints under subscription. Some of its customers include:

Cradlepoint customers


Cradlepoint as creator of a 'whole new industry' 

Cradlepoint was founded in 2006 and took it's name from its first product - a 'cradle' that transformed a mobile phone into a WiFi access 'point.' Yep...Cradle...point.

However, the idea which had inspired the launch of the start-up was a conversation with a Sprint executive. He described to one of the three Cradlepoint co-founders, what the carrier wanted in a router and said if the start-up could build that, he would buy thousands of them. 

By 2012 the company had realised its defining purpose by launching the world's first enterprise-class LTE edge router, and creating a whole new industry in the process. 

E3000 router + W2000 adaptor-1


Cradlepoint is first with SD-WAN NetCloudTM Management

Cradlepoint was also first to move into an SD-WAN cloud management platform evolving its product from 2013 through 2016 to deliver the NetCloudTM platform. NetCloudTM is the first platform to combine cloud management and software-defined modem technology with software-defined networking, unified edge security and cloud-controlled router endpoints.

Cradlepoint Netcloud Manager dashboard


Cradlepoint introduces revolutionary 'Pathway to 5G' program

In 2017 Cradlepoint presented its revolutionary Pathway to 5G program which allows organisations to take advantage of LTE while providing a clear and investment-protected pathway to 5G as it becomes available to them.


Source: Cradlepoint Download PDF


Cradlepoint and Telstra deliver world-first '5G for Business'

In May 2020, after a decade of innovation and global firsts, Cradlepoint collaborated with its launch partner, Telstra, to deliver the world's first 5G for business solution.

Gigabit-class LTE and a standalone 5G network from Telstra, combined with Cradlepoint's market leading routers and cloud-based software management, and an optional Cradlepoint managed service which can be delivered by MobileCorp, are three components of the revolutionary 5G solution.

MobileCorp is a Cradlepoint Signature Partner and also a Telstra Platinum Partner for Mobility, so is in the ideal position to leverage the best of both technology vendors and deliver 5G enterprise wireless to enterprise, government and business organisations.

Introduction to Cradlepoint with MobileCorp


Australian enterprises are embracing Cradlepoint wireless solutions

"We always knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before wireless WAN became a viable option for enterprise business and we are on the cusp of real uptake.

"The use cases are many - from temporary or pop-up connectivity, to scalable branch networks,  remote working connectivity, and edge IOT device networks.

"The benefits are also considerable led by agility of scaling locations and bandwidth. As a bonus. any connectivity solution that utilises Cradlepoint routers will be future-proofed. This is the outcome we want for our customers - a wireless network solution that works brilliantly now and will integrate with 5G as it becomes available."

MobileCorp CTO, Phill McSherry

MobileCorp Customer Use Cases

MobileCorp is working with several enterprise customers who will utilise Cradlepoint solutions for their network and connectivity. A couple of examples include:

  • An enterprise event management company upgrading its network will use Cradlepoint AER2200s for a multi-path network environment for 70 branch locations with local internet breakout protected by a built-in firewall. In this case Cradlepoint's branch solution fits into a larger solution with additional main sites retaining private network connections, with all sites then connected to an AWS environment. 
  • Marine Rescue NSW with 45 coastal sites will use Cradlepoint as the backbone of its upgraded network. AER2200 will manage traffic links and utilising Telstra LANES for reliable connectivity including the ability to scale bandwidth when crowds enter an area for events like beach carnivals, school holidays and NYE. Telstra's 4GX LTE network will be the primary link in remote locations without physical infrastructure and in other locations it will a fail-over link should physcal links be compromised including during weather events and bushfire season. MobileCorp will supply solution architecture, Cradlepoint hardware supply, configuration and deployment, NetCloud portal set up, and an ongoing monitoring managed service.
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Marine Rescue Command Hungry Point Cronulla

Marine Rescue NSW Command Centre, Cronulla


  • A leading elevator company unable to move into a new Adelaide-based branch office due to the combination of a complex build for their MPLS network which required civil works, and Telstra's nationwide bushfire embargo. Looking for a temporary fix, the Cradlepoint AER2200 with Telstra 4G data card provided a branch connectivity solution. MobileCorp has supplied and configured the router and set-up the Cradlepoint NetCloud portal which provides monitoring and OTA management.
  • A medical research warehouse building site on the outskirts of Greater Sydney who faced a long wait for fixed infrastructure and required reliable flexible connectivity. A Cradlepoint AER1600 with MIMO directional antenna was supplied, configured and deployed by MobileCorp. Although 4G is a contended service, speeds of up to 65mbps download and 15mbps upload were recorded on installation. The use of the external antenna helped improve signal strength when connecting to Telstra's base station and the modems were pre-configured by MobileCorp to work on connection.

    medtronic warehouse equipment

MobileCorp is a Cradlepoint Signature Partner

Cradlepoint Signature Partner 2020

"Being a signature partner means that Cradlepoint has recognised MobileCorp as having technical capability and solution architecture expertise to lead Australian enterprises down the pathway to 5G.

"I am very proud of my team who have exceeded all the training and accreditation benchmarks required by Cradlepoint, and who have also been hands-on busy assisting Australian organisations to understand these leading edge 5G-compatible technologies."

Stephen Aravopoulos, managing director of MobileCorp


MobileCorp’s Cradlepoint managed service

MobileCorp is a Cradlepoint house. We offer Cradlepoint network solutions and a managed service which is carrier agnostic and includes:

  • network solution architecture
  • hardware procurement or leasing
  • router configuration and deployment
  • NetCloud portal configuration
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and links
  • level 2 service desk including:
    • fault diagnosis and resolution
    • remote equipment diagnostic and reprogramming
    • phone support 
    • response and restoration targets
  • priority replacement program for hardware
  • device retrieval/redeployment program for security of hardware
  • monthly reporting
  • Telstra customers may have hardware and managed service fees charged against the monthly Telstra bill


What are the benefits of a Cradlepoint managed service?

Outsourcing Cradlepoint router configuration, deployment and ongoing management has significant benefits, for enterprises including:

  • To align with Cradlepoint subject matter experts
    utilise IT professionals who are Cradlepoint accredited experts and can achieve the desired result quickly and accurately, as well as adding value with advice gleaned from experience
  • To free up internal resources
    remove the burden of managing the equipment lifecycle, third party vendors, suppliers and service arrangements and the expense of hiring, training and updating internal IT skills
  • To realign internal resources to higher value tasks
    realign IT staff to higher value tasks and focus on strategic activities to meet current and future business needs.
  • To reduce network risk
    improve reliability and performance with advanced solutions and guaranteed proactive service levels including response and restoration targets
  • To maximise network performance
    help ensure your network delivers optimum support for your business through proper dimensioning and configuration
  • To boost growth and productivity
    leverage new technologies including integration with Unified Communications, security and Telstra cloud solutions

10 Cradlepoint Business Use Cases

About MobileCorp

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