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Network Consultancy

There will be no shortage of strategic challenges confronting IT leaders in 2023. Cloud migration, multi-cloud strategy, security, automation, Wireless WAN and 5G…

MobileCorp has specialist network engineers and network architects who offer expert knowledge and an objective perspective, to bring clarity to complex network decision-making.


Network Assessment

MobileCorp routinely completes a range of site, network and connectivity assessments. These are designed to meet audit, security, planning, performance, quotation, and due diligence business drivers.

Without being wedded to the infrastructure, the technologies or the personnel, MobileCorp can be objective and dispassionate about the existing set-up while bringing to bear expert knowledge about a future network model.

Service Management

Network Upgrades

Technology is changing faster than at any time in history and the network is at the coalface.

As companies tackle new initiatives, network modernisation becomes essential. Digitised businesses need more bandwidth and more mobility. They require more powerful access controls and effective security technology.

MobileCorp offers a network upgrade professional service.


Network Redundancy Design

Network redundancy is a simple concept to understand. If there is a single point of failure and it fails, then…

Almost every network created is unique in some way. MobileCorp offers redundancy and failover design consultancy and management.

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Our Data and IP Network Services

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