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What is Mobile Security?

Mobile Security is the protection of mobile endpoints against threat, most commonly cybersecurity threats, but also including danger or risk associated with the loss or the compromise of devices or data. Mobile security solutions provide protection by preventing, detecting, and remediating attacks, and by remote managing devices.

Enterprise Mobility Security & the benefits for your business

Mobile devices reach deep into corporate servers and sensitive databases increasing exposure to cyber-attacks. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your business is properly protected with the right enterprise mobility and security solutions. Mobile Security solutions are powerful SaaS providing zero-day Mobile Threat Detection and Defence at both the endpoint and network layer to keep your people and your data safe.

Mobile Threat Landscape 2024

Throughout 2023 the Australian business landscape has been continuously rocked by major cyber breach incidents with millions of everyday Australians being impacted.

Cyber criminals have multiplied and become more sophisticated in their attack vectors. Ransomware, malware, phishing, spearing, crypto-jacking, and ‘man in the middle’ attacks, are a serious threat to your business credibility, reputation, and bottom line. The time to protect your company systems and data is now.


Mobile Threat Defence 2024

Gartner predicted that by the end of 2020, 30% of organisations will have a Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) program in place. How are you protected in 2024?

MTD solutions provide protection by predicting, preventing, detecting and remediating attacks. They focus on attacks at Device, Network and Application layer. MTD programs can standalone, but they are most easily managed in combination with a MDM|UEM profile.


Telstra Enterprise Mobile Protect

Telstra Enterprise Mobile Protect is powered by Jamf. It bundles Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect solutions to provide both mobile threat defence and zero trust network access solutions for corporate and BYOD devices.

As the Telstra Mobility Partner of the Year 2023, you can leverage MobileCorp's expertise to secure the best pricing and terms for Telstra Enterprise Mobile Protect.

Jamf Endpoint Security

Jamf solutions are designed to help secure mobile devices against cyber threats and enable enterprise IT to apply policy to manage employee usage-based risks.

These capabilities are available through three core security products: Jamf Protect, Jamf Connect and Jamf Safe Internet

MobileCorp is the Telstra Mobility Partner of the Year 2023. We  provide Jamf Endpoint Security through our partnership with Telstra, and also as a standalone service.

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How can MobileCorp assist?

MobileCorp is your mobile endpoint security specialist, providing a range of enterprise mobility and security solutions tailored to your business.

We recommend the industry-leading endpoint security SaaS, Jamf, as purpose-fit for Australian organisations. Rely on us to manage licensing, migration, compliance monitoring, and end user change management.


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