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3G Network Migration

The 3G network will be decommissioned across Australia in June 2024.

As we begin the final countdown to the demise of the 3G network in June 2024, there remain many organisations who still have 3G devices in play, and most of them are IoT endpoints.

This is an opportunity for IOT operators to upgrade to Cradlepoint edge routers, securing the network against the rise of cyber attack, and future-proofing for 5G.
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Connected Everything: IOT In 2023

In 2023 we stand on the edge of a new hyper-connected world.

Two technologies are pushing Australia ever faster down the road to a ‘connected everything’ state – 5G and edge computing – and both are already happening.

Prepare now for fully deployed 5G and the commoditisation of IoT.


IOT Management

MobileCorp has IoT subject matter expertise and experience developing and managing IoT solutions for Australian enterprise customers.

As a Telstra Platinum Partner, MobileCorp is aligned with Australia’s leading 5G network operator. We design, deploy and apply a range of IoT solutions for specific industry verticals.

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Machine to Machine (M2M)

M2M was effectively the first wave of IoT, but still has relevance in specific business use cases requiring a single point telemetry solution.

MobileCorp’s expertise is in M2M solution design, connectivity management, equipment supply, and project management for solution implementation.

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Asset Track and Monitor

Track and MonitorTM is a Telstra IoT asset tracking and location data solution.

MobileCorp delivers Track and MonitorTM, for business use cases across multiple verticals. As a Telstra Platinum Partner, we provide solution architecture, project management, equipment supply, connectivity management and deployment.

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Location Analytics

MobileCorp offers capability in designing and delivering IoT location analytics solutions to Australian enterprise customers.

Use an IoT location analytics solution to understand the behaviours of people in their environment. Then take it one step further by reaching out and engaging with them in real time.


Connected Vehicles

MobileCorp offers three connected vehicle solutions covering telematics, GPS tracking, collision avoidance, and asset management.

Our skillset includes consultancy, solution design, hardware supply, connectivity management and project management.

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Smart Cameras

MobileCorp has experience and expertise in deploying smart camera solutions for enterprise and business customers.

Next-generation smart camera solutions scale seamlessly, are quick to deploy, offer instant security and business analytics insights.


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