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What is MobileCorp's Essential 8

Essential 8 Remediation as-a-Service is like having your own inhouse Essential 8 cyber security team.

We complement your capabilities and add expert resource, taking responsibility for your Essential 8 cyber security hygiene and remediation work.

You retain full visibility of risk and have an evidential trail of mitigation performance.

We undertake all remediation work to protect and uplift your E8 security posture.

  • Mitigates risk
  • Uplifts your security posture
  • Progresses your ACSC E8 Maturity Level ranking

Do you know your ACSC E8 Maturity Level?

When implementing the Essential Eight, organisations should identify and plan for a target maturity level suitable for their environment.

Organisations should then progressively implement each maturity level to uplift their security posture.

It is worth noting that the Federal Government has mandated Level 2 compliance for most Government agencies and recommended Level 2 as a minimum for tertiary education providers.

E8 Maturity Level 0
E8 Maturity Level 1
E8 Maturity Level 2
E8 Maturity Level 3

E8 Audit as-a-Service Inclusions

Audit as-a-Service


"I need a clear understanding of my organisation's cyber security vulnerabilities and risk profile."
We include our E8 Audit as-a-Service solution where we perform a fortnightly audit of your environment for visibility of the every changing .

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Essential 8 Remediation 


“I need extra IT resource and capability to ensure my Essential 8 controls are always being kept up-to-date ."
 Our E8 security engineers ensure your Essential 8 controls are being managed and a remediation roadmap is progressed until your organisation reaches E8 Maturity Level 3.

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Essential 8 Service Desk


“I know this is important but I just don't have the staff or the time to be running audits. I just need to know where the risk is, so that I can take action.”

Not only will we be working proactively on your Essential 8 improvements, we will also provide you with our Essential 8 service desk.

Our security engineers are available to provide support to you Monday-Friday 8am-6pm AEST by email or phone.


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ACSC Maturity Level Progression


“I need to protect my business, my employees and my customers by reaching Maturity Level 3 fast.”

We've been on this journey and know exactly what it takes to achieve Maturity Level 3. We'll map out a plan to proactively improve your ranking.
Along the way you will be provided with the evidential performance data for compliance and governance purposes.

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What are the Essential 8 controls?

The Essential 8 is a series of baseline cyber security controls that the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends all Australian organisations adopt.

The E8 is already mandatory for many Australian government non-corporate entities and there is a move to increase this compliance requirement across all local government councils, government agencies, critical infrastructure and tertiary education providers.

The Essential 8 framework breaks the cybersecurity threat landscape into eight fundamental bite-sized tasks which can be managed with MobileCorp's ACSC-aligned managed Audit and Remediation services.

E8 controls 1-4
E8 controls 5-8

What is the scope of E8 Remediation as-a-Service?

To protect your business a schedule of work will be implemented to ensure all eight controls are being continuously managed.

  • A full audit of your environment will be undertaken every fortnight to ensure any updates from Microsoft are implemented swiftly, and to detect any other changes in your environment that are impacting the compliance of your internet-facing endpoints.
  • A 'vulnerabilities and gap analysis' report will inform the remediation roadmap which will be implemented in order of priority to minimise risk.
  • A monthly report presented by your MobileCorp account manager will provide detailed audit information and an account of remediation work completed and outstanding.
  • The goal of Remediation as-a-Service is for your organisation to reach ACSC Maturity Level 3 - and to stay there.
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E8 Remediation aaS Scope

Essential 8 Remediation as-a-Service Benefits

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E8 Remediation aaS Benefit 2 web
E8 Remediation aaS Benefit 3 web

Do you need Essential 8 Remediation as-a-Service?

Let's find out. 

  • Do you know your ACSC Essential 8 Maturity Level?
  • Are you confident that your Essential 8 controls are being managed consistently and effectively?
  • Do you need independent oversight of your Essential 8 compliance and an independent analysis of your risk profile?
  • Is the worry of a cyber security breach keeping you awake at night?

If you are looking for an affordable solution which gives you the answers to these questions...

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Three reasons to choose MobileCorp as your Essential 8 MSP

Reason 1. We deliver your E8 cyber security without excessive time demands and task overload

Why put up with security solutions that require old-fashioned spreadsheets and manual checklists?

Get the job done in a fraction of the time with MobileCorp’s simple, automated, enterprise-grade auditing software, and remediation services.

  • Perfect for lean IT teams who do not have hours to invest in auditing and remediating the environment.
  • Perfect for IT teams who need independent compliance and governance oversight.
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Reason 2. We delivery your E8 cyber security without unnecessary complexity

It's not rocket science but many MSSPs make it sound like it is!

 MobileCorp's Essential 8 as-a-Service solutions are designed to be equally as understandable to the CEO or CFO as they are to your CTO - if you have one!

Our monthly reporting to you is presented by a human who will explain your risk profile, vulnerabilities and your roadmap to remediation, all in plain English.

There is none of the usual compiling a report and leaving you to interpret it and act on it without guidance. 

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Reason 3. We deliver E8 cyber security that is affordable

Can’t afford to pass on cyber security, but can’t afford the cyber security price tag!

When the solution is manual, human-centric, and focused on lengthy checklists, the price tag will always be high.

MobileCorp brings the cost of E8 compliance within reach of businesses of all sizes with our automated auditing software and expert remediation services.

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Essential 8 Remediation

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