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Build out your 5G advantage 



Build out your 5G advantage 


for Construction

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Day 1 Connectivity

This is the No.1 reason that wireless WAN is being adopted in the construction industry today. For greenfield sites, sites located on the outskirts of cities, for road and rail construction, and for large-scale projects, NBN is often unavailable or will take months to arrive. MobileCorp has already deployed 5G for primary connectivity to office demountables at the Western Sydney Airport  Badgerys Creek construction site, to warehouses being constructed at Kemps Creek, to a correctional facility in regional Victoria, and for highway construction offices in Western Australia.

construction on roof with laptop menu square

Reliable Collaboration

Working on a construction project typically involves collaboration between a large variety of stakeholders on a continued basis. To avoid delays, it’s critical that everyone stay up-to-date on any changes and have access to documentation at the right time. The speed that 5G provides will enable this level of communication and document-sharing to occur even on mobile devices, which is an added convenience.

workplace safety construction square

Workplace Safety

5G can enable highly accurate asset tracking, whether it be on site equipment or personnel. Connecting to a reliable 5G wireless network can enable data processing at the edge to track temperature and air quality. A lone worker safety button can be used to alert site managers in case of an emergency and accurately convey a worker's location for immediate help. Wearable sensors can guide workers onsite to avoid hazardous zones and can also alert management if workplace safety clothing is not being worn. 

construction-site-camera square

Site Surveillance

Adequate monitoring of large construction sites requires cameras that are supported by low-latency connectivity.  4G has a latency rate of 200 milliseconds, LTE 15-50ms, whereas 5G offers 1ms.  This fast response time can ensure that the data collected in real-time from sensors and cameras is as accurate and timely as possible. This is key when it comes to detecting security breaches or hazards on-site. Cloud management allows video viewing from anywhere. 

Taylor construction hologram 5G-square

Realtime Data Transfer

Taylor Construction in partnership with Cradlepoint and Telstra were one of the first companies in the world to utilise 5G for onsite data visualisation. Using Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality smart glasses, Taylor employees onsite can render a virtual model of the building or elements of the construction process such as holographic structural steel, framing, or electrical schematics. The high bandwidth of 5G also allows the data-heavy transference of digital plans and drawings to be viewed on mobile devices onsite.

hadrian x brick laying robot construction square

Remote Machine Operation

5G enables the remote autonomous operation of onsite machinery like cranes, loaders, and even Hadrian X, the world’s first fully autonomous brick laying robot invented in Western Australia. Operators can safely and remotely pilot and tele-operate drones and other vehicles. The increased bandwidth and greater capacity provided by 5G connectivity ensures important data and information are quickly and dependably transferred between operators and machines. 

Enterprise Wireless 
for construction sites

Day 1 Connectivity
Greenfield sites

5G wireless is the answer for agile and secure enterprise-grade day 1 connectivity.

It eliminates the delays in provisioning fixed connectivity. A wireless WAN can be quickly redeployed to another location if required. This flexibility makes wireless a more attractive option for sites that will have a known short duration.

In Australia we have seen examples of this use case during the bushfires to power temporary evacuation centres and during Covid19 lockdowns to securely connect pop-up testing stations. In the construction industry, 5G can be used to power on-site offices, sensors and cameras from day 1. 

construction-warehouse square 500x500

Wireless WAN
Temporary sites

Having the agility to move the 5G access point as a site evolves, or in the case of road and rail construction to move it as the construction shifts is a bonus. 

No wires means no digging hazard. Wires are also vulnerable to site flooding and heavy vehicles/equipment.

When a construction site is ready for handover, simply reconfigure your 5G gateway device and shift it and antenna to the next location.  

cradlepoint construction site demountable square

High Bandwidth
Edge Computing IOT

Construction businesses are increasingly working with very large data sets for richer visualisation, real-time surveillance, and IOT sensor edge processing.

Add in new technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality (AR), and 5G is fast becoming the go-to enabler of higher bandwidth, low-latency broadband.

This is not some 'pie-in-the-sky' theoretical use case but is actually happening with progressive Australian construction companies right now. 

⏬  Taylor Construction Case Study

🎥 Watch Taylor Construction video

Construction-AR square

Low Latency
Smart sensors

As 5G continues to enable increasing data volumes, not everything will be able to be done in the cloud. It will require some of the computing to be done on-site with edge computing and mobile edge computing on 5G networks. Proximity to data at its source is extremely necessary in construction.

In time, it will be possible  to sensor virtually anything on a worksite, allowing companies to collect data from tools and materials.

Sensors are already being used in concreting to assess cure time. With smart building IoT sensors and 5G, contractors can create a digital twin of the building with data from the very start of the project throughout its life.

smart sensor concrete construction

Visualising your 5G Construction Site Network

Construction site solution diagram

MobileCorp Professional Deployment

Trust MobileCorp with your Enterprise Wireless construction connectivity solution. We are Australia's leading Cradlepoint 5G/LTE partner and a Telstra 5G specialist partner. We have deployed some of Australia's first Enterprise Wireless networks and are currently deploying 5G access solutions at the Western Sydney Airport construction site. These are the four steps to a successful 5G deployment.

5G EW 1

and Onsite Survey 

The 5G network continues to in-fill with increased small cell density, however each site will need to be investigated to ensure 5G is a viable access technology onsite. LTE/5G is also a future-proofed solution.

5G EW 2

Install Cradlepoint

Professional installation of your 5G gateway device and directional antenna to optimise signal strength.

Secured, tested and monitored via NetCloud portal.

5G EW 3

Connect to the best
5G Network

In most cases, Telstra will have the strongest and most reliable 5G signal availability at site. MobileCorp manages the SIM activation and ensures the best value enterprise wireless plan is applied.

5G EW 4

Secure, Monitor,
and Manage

MobileCorp is the Cradlepoint APAC MSP of the Year 2022. Our managed service includes 24/7 monitoring, technical support desk, Cradlepoint out-of-band device management, Telstra carriage management and more.

Enterprise Mobility & Network Services
for Construction

Managed Mobility

Protect your end user productivity, control your costs, unburden your IT team and be supported by the experts. 

  • A single point of contact for your mobile connectivity
  • Swift execution of your requests with direct access to Telstra back-end systems
  • Local support experts providing friendly responsive service to SLAs
  • Transparency and accountability at every stage of the lifecycle
  • MobileCorp uses encryption technology to protect your data while at rest and in transit. Browser connections are secured by TLS/SSL
construction managed mobility

Telecom Expense Management

Peace of mind that you are being billed accurately and not paying more than you need to.

  • Expense management delivers guaranteed cost savings
  • Makes sense of terabytes of billing data, distilling it into meaningful action points
  • Identifies cost saving opportunities and ACTs upon them
  • Monitors end user behaviour for policy compliance
TEMS-phone-bill-blue- education-2

Mobile Device Management

For visibility, transparency, security and compliance

  • MDM allows zero-touch deployment of devices. Open the box – switch on – work.
  • MDM with customised profiles allows remote management of OS and applications.
  • Deploy critical and custom applications, push updates, block inappropriate use. Jamf, VMware, Microsoft Intune.
construction site workers with phone

Managed Endpoint Security

For threat detection and defence, and zero trust private access

  • Providing security at the network and endpoint layers
  • Ensures Mobile Data Policy compliance
  • MobileCorp managed service provides licensing, deployment, monitoring, security service desk, issue resolution, and reporting
  • We recommend Jamf Threat Defence powered by Wandera for zero-day threat detection on mobile devices (also known as Telstra Mobile Protect)

Essential 8 Cyber Security

Essential 8 is the Australian cyber security framework that is endorsed by the ACSC as the minimum cyber security standard for industry.  MobileCorp offers two Essential 8 solutions to audit, remediate, and provide an uplift to your cyber security posture.

  • Construction is a key target vertical for cyber attacks aimed at obtaining information and/or commercial advantage. 
  • Construction companies risk enormous commercial loss and liability for delays to projects due to cyber attack.
  • Cyber attacks may compromise confidential business information or result in unauthorised access to project, plant, data and specifications.
  • Construction relies on Internet of Things devices for asset tracking, worksite security, machine control, wearable technology and this increases the attack vector.
  • more. This interconnected approach—along with surveillance devices like IP cameras and GPS-connected drones, and a lack of industry cyber defense—has resulted in a serious rise in successful cyber attacks. Construction companies also rely on associations with third parties—such as subcontractors—making them even more vulnerable.

Network and IT Managed Services

Like having an inhouse expert networking team. Bolster your capability or capacity.

  • Technical support service desk 
  • Managed desktops, endpoints, network
  • Microsoft 365 and Teams expertise
  • SD-WAN, Cradlepoint Wireless WAN, Telstra TIPT, NBN, Telephony network specialists
  • Flexible IT support - plug a gap, complement inhouse capabilities, or hand off workload
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construction on roof with laptop

The future is wireless.

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Our 5G Partners

Cradlepoint Part of Ericsson

Cradlepoint is the global leader in enterprise wireless solutions and first to market with 5G capable hardware.  Cradlepoint solutions deliver a pathway to 5G through 4GX LTE and are the backbone of Telstra’s enterprise 5G networks. MobileCorp is an Authorised Cradlepoint Partner and offers Cradlepoint solution design and managed service.


MobileCorp is a Telstra Platinum Partner for  Mobility, a Telstra Platinum Partner for Services, and a Telstra Gold Partner for Data & IP. Our shared history spans 30+ years and MobileCorp provides solutions and support to hundreds of Telstra Enterprise and Business customers. MobileCorp’s services can be charged as a monthly fee on the Telstra bill.

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