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Telecom Expense Management

A TEMS solution will pay for itself and then some.

Typical savings arising from a TEMS service will measure between 2-10% of corporate monthly expenditure. However, this is a conservative estimate, with a Gartner White Paper from June 2019 reporting that 50% of companies estimate their savings at more than 10% of monthly expenditure.

MobileCorp offers three tiers of TEMs Managed Service: Enterprise, Premium, and Snapshot.


Mobile Fleet Audit

A mobile fleet audit is outcome-focused. It delivers cost savings and productivity improvements by intelligently dissecting fleet composition, management processes, carrier billing and usage data.

It will identify unnecessary expenditure, operational gaps, security risks and productivity barriers; and will provide recommendations to deliver a return on investment.


Cost Visibility

It’s easy for costs to skyrocket if no one is watching.

Transparency of expenditure keeps everyone honest.

Making expenditure visible to end users and line management encourages individual accountability.

Cost centre visibility allows comparative analysis and trend data reporting across the business.


Carrier Bill Audit

Up to 80 percent of carrier bills include hidden charges or incorrect billing. This is the finding of global research consultancy, Gartner.

Stop wading through terabytes of incomprehensible carrier billing data each month. Our automated software will analyse your carrier bills checking for accuracy and identifying anomalies, so you can rest assured you are getting what you pay for, and paying the correct rates for what you get.


Mobile Optimisation Programs

Optimisation is the cornerstone of a mobile cost savings strategy.

Applying proactive device, plan and service optimisation programs will deliver measurable savings.

Ensure your people are on the most cost-effective plan. Know that all your services are appropriately active. Be certain that devices are allocated accurately.


Fleet Benchmarking

If it can be measured, it can be managed.

To understand if mobile expense management programs are successful, they must be measured against a benchmark.

Two key benchmarks are Total Cost of Ownership, and Expenditure Attribution.


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