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What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management or MDM describes the process and tools used to secure, control, and automate administrative policies on end user mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables.

Over time, as MDM vendor capabilities evolved so MDM was expanded to include application management and became known as Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM. Then in 2018, UEM was coined to once again recognise the shift to integrate desktops and unify endpoint management. In common usage however, MDM is often used interchangeably to also refer to EMM and UEM.

How will Mobile Device Management benefit your business?

A Mobile Device Management solution is an essential building block for IT teams looking to secure and remotely-manage workplace devices, and to provide zero-trust access from those devices to applications and the corporate network.


What MDM Services does MobileCorp offer?

MobileCorp has thousands of devices under mobile device management. We work primarily across Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace ONE platforms but also have customers with IBM MaaS360, Jamf, and SOTI.

MobileCorp has a proven track record  providing a comprehensive MDM managed service, from design and build of an instance either on-premises or in the cloud, through to policy configuration and deployment.

Our technical helpdesk is staffed by our specialist Mobile Device Management engineers and provides ongoing management of devices, policies, and end user behaviour.

Device Enrolment

Device enrolment programs work in combination with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution to deliver security features and zero-touch deployment of devices.

Apple, Samsung, Android and Windows have device enrolment programs which MobileCorp will leverage to eliminate the need for hands-on device configuration, and to ensure an automated out-of-the-box set up for end users.

Telstra also has its own DES program for registration of corporate-owned devices, which is also managed by MobileCorp at point of purchase.

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Android Enterprise Zero-Touch

MobileCorp was the first Australian-owned company to receive accreditation as an Android Device Reseller.

The accreditation guarantees demonstrated technical leadership in all the services around Android device management including procurement, provisioning, enrolment, deployment, and integration with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platforms.


MobileCorp MDM-UEM Managed Service

Mobile Device Management has evolved into Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). this change of language signifies the expansion of management from mobile devices to include all endpoints including PCs and laptops.

MobileCorp provides management of all mobile devices and wearables as well as laptops, IoT devices and PCs. We design, build, deploy and manage custom MDM and UEM environments.


Unified Endpoint Management Platforms

MobileCorp has capability and a proven track record managing the market-leading MDM and UEM platforms including Microsoft Intune, VMWare Workspace ONE, IBM MaaS360, MobileIron, the Apple-centric environment, Jamf, and more.

From building a UEM instance - either on premise or in the Cloud - through testing and deployment, to ongoing management and service desk, MobileCorp has accredited highly skilled engineers to deliver a custom environment for Australian enterprise and business customers.


How Mobile Device Management supports a distributed workforce

The Covid-related work-from-home shift with increased cyber-security risk, has moved Mobile Device Management from a ‘nice to have’ for enterprises, to a fundamental ‘must have’ for business and enterprises of all sizes.

From a practical logistical perspective, Mobile Device Management, allows IT to remotely manage devices that are no longer available to access physically at the corporate head office. It allows IT to update OS, install and uninstall applications, control end user behaviour through policy configuration, secure and wipe content – all over the air.

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The evolution from Mobile Device Management to Unified Endpoint Management

Mobile Device Management [MDM] is a phrase commonly used to cover the management of all workplace devices, content, and access, but it began as a device-focused service to secure-wipe compromised devices.

The terminology has evolved as management expanded from the device to include application management and network identity access. In recent years, it has expanded further to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) which brings all workplace tools including desktop PCs, and IoT devices into the same management environment.

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