• 10x Speed
    5G isn’t just faster than 4G – it is ten times faster. This will have a dramatic effect on application performance, deliver immersive experiences, and drive productivity.
  • 1/30th Latency
    Faster responses will power technologies where milliseconds count. Think 1–6ms on 5G vs 30ms on 4G. This is important in delivering real time responsiveness and will power a new era of machine-to-machine connectivity.
  • 25x Spectrum
    Spectrum technologies – like small cells and beam forming – will help deliver more reliable coverage than ever before.
  • 10x Capacity
    New transmission technologies will mean the ability to reach more people and more devices, more intelligently.
  • 10x Scale
    With new device technologies and network architectures, 5G could overcome the congestion issues in a future world of millions of connected devices per km².

What is the Telstra 5G enterprise wireless solution?

Telstra was first to market both in Australia and globally with an enterprise wireless 5G solution, thanks to its standalone 5G network and its collaboration with Cradlepoint, a leading edge network provider.

Telstra has two solutions - 5G Enterprise Wireless, and 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless. 

The Telstra Enterprise 5G solution is 

  • a Cradlepoint W-Series 5G Wideband Adapter or an E3000 Series 5G-optimised enterprise branch router
  • a Telstra Enterprise Epic wireless service plan
  • an optional managed service by MobileCorp, which can include Cradlepoint licensing, Telstra plan provisioning, hardware supply and configuration, on-site deployment, and NetCloud portal set-up, monitoring and management.

The Telstra Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution is 

  • Guaranteed 5G network availability SLA from Telstra with a dedicated connectivity portal providing uptime visibility
  • a Cradlepoint W-Series 5G Wideband Adapter with a Telstra external directional antenna
  • a Telstra Enterprise Epic wireless data plan
  • an included managed service by MobileCorp, which covers 5G Site Assessment, On-site hardware installation, Cradlepoint licensing and NetCloud portal build, Telstra plan provisioning, hardware supply and configuration, 24/7 monitoring, support desk, remote management.

What are the first Telstra 5G use cases?

The first Telstra 5G deployments for the enterprise wireless solutions are happening now. The first use cases have been branch connectivity solutions and two of the first industry verticals to deploy have been construction and banking.


Taylor is a construction and property development company based in Sydney with multiple project sites nationwide. A Cradlepoint branch network was deployed to 40 sites allowing Taylor to

  • reduce infrastructure costs of over 60%
  • minimise IT support required to get new locations up and running, and reduced the approximate set up time down to 1-2 minutes
  • create a pathway to 5G. The Cradlepoint branch solution is upgradeable to 5G once the 5G frequency is available.

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Leveraging the high speed, high capacity, and low latency capabilities of 5G, Telstra and CommBank have trialled the development of edge computing to enable a range of use cases in bank branches.

‘Edge clouds’ spread across distributed locations will enable the creation, collection, analysis and processing of data on the edge of the network.

This helps conserve bandwidth, reduces the time it takes for the data to travel, and could also improve transaction security.

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3 hour face-to-face or virtual workshop with experts from Telstra, Cradlepoint, and MobileCorp to educate, brainstorm, and plan for a pathway to a 5G future.

MobileCorp – Telstra 5G Specialist Partner

MobileCorp is a Telstra 5G specialist managed service partner.

This is a designated specialism that is limited to a handful of Telstra Mobility Platinum Partners who have demonstrated knowledge and capability in delivering 5G enterprise wireless solutions in the Australian market.

It means that customers can engage with the confidence that their Telstra partner is an expert trusted advisor who is across the constantly evolving 5G technology updates. 

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Telstra Partner 2022

Telstra 5G devices

Telstra offers 5G smartphones from all the major smartphone manufacturers.  

In October 2021, Telstra announced that 1.6 million 5G devices are on its network.

Telstra has also launched a 5G mobile broadband device – the Telstra 5G WiFi Pro. 

The device offers a 2.4 inch colour touch screen and comes with a data meter to track usage. It supports up to 30 Wi-Fi-enabled devices (15 each on 2.4 and 5 GHz), and its 4500mAH quick charge battery can last up to 9 hours. It also offers Gigabit ethernet, USB connectivity and Wi-Fi 6.

Telstra 5G devices

Telstra 5G mmWave Spectrum

There is 5G… and then there is Standalone 5G… and then there is mmWave 5G. 

5G is not a 'one size fits all' network. The components which make up the 5G network are the 

  • infrastructure – towers, base stations, data centres, bandwidth, backhaul
  • spectrum of frequencies
  • hardware e.g. 5G smartphone

Telstra already leads with Australia’s first standalone 5G network.

Millimeter wave or mmWave refers to the frequency wave length. To date the Telstra 5G network has been operating on mid-band 3.6Ghz spectrum. mmWave refers to spectrum in the range 26-100 Ghz. 

Telstra 5G and mmWave Spectrum

Telstra purchases maximum permissible mmWave frequencies 

In 2021, the federal government auctioned off the first slice of valuable mmWave spectrum. The auction covered bands from 25.1 Ghz to 27.5 Ghz in 29 specified geographic areas, covering the more heavily populated regions of Australia.

There was a cap on the amount of frequency that could be purchased by any one party to ensure competition in the market. Telstra has purchased the maximum allowable 1000MHz of 26 GHz spectrum for $277 million. It bought the spectrum in all major capital cities and regional areas.

Currently 4G and early stage 5G mobile networks are operating on frequencies below 4Ghz, and the leap to the much higher 26 GHz frequency will set off an explosion of innovation in the Internet of Things, smart city technology, automated vehicles, and ultra-fast fixed wireless broadband.

Telstra 5G network-1

Visit the Telstra 5G Innovation Centre

You have to see this place…Covid permitting.

At the Telstra 5G Innovation Centre, you will take a journey to the not-so-distant future to learn all about 5G and be inspired by its possibilities for your business.

The Telstra 5G Innovation Centre is situated on the Gold Coast and is a working lab, a collaboration space and an educational facility where you can learn all about 5G and experience it first-hand. 

The 5G Innovation Centre features an ever-changing range of demonstrations that reflect the latest industry developments, showcasing real-world business applications.



The combined core features of 5G delivers revolutionary possibilities and market opportunities for your business into the future.

  • Learn about 5G possibilities specific to your industry vertical, business processes, and geographical location

  • Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by investing in the most advanced technologies, while also future proofing with enterprise wireless connectivity

Face-to-face or virtual workshop with experts from Telstra, Cradlepoint, and MobileCorp to educate, brainstorm, and plan for a pathway to a 5G future.