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Managed Site Relocation

MobileCorp offers an outsourced site relocation managed service including project design and management, carrier management, onsite works, testing, and documented handover.

Typically, a site relocation project will be completed over a minimum 3-month period to align with the carrier’s notice period for any line relocations.


Managed Routers

MobileCorp is a Cradlepoint house, but our IT team also has extensive experience using Sierra Wireless, Netcomm, Cisco and Netgear products to develop a managed router solution.

Managed routers are also the backbone of our NextDay Connect solution for interim or permanent enterprise grade connectivity where fixed infrastructure is unavailable or unreliable.


Managed Servers

The benefits of a Managed Server are scalability, subject matter expertise, and IT cost certainty.

MobileCorp’s professional service ensures operational uptime for organisations and allows internal IT to focus on strategy and core business activities.


Managed Networks

As a Telstra platinum partner, MobileCorp will leverage Telstra’s managed end-to-end network infrastructure and services to deliver an agile, reliable managed network solution.

MobileCorp offers a range of managed network solutions, including MPLS and SD-WAN hybrid networks, business internet, and network device management.


Network Site Assessment

MobileCorp technicians routinely undertake a range of site network and connectivity assessments to meet audit, planning, development and due diligence requirements.

A site assessment will typically focus on five areas for examination: infrastructure, performance, availability, management and security.


Managed Virtualisation

Managed virtualisation allows companies to leverage the benefits of virtualisation without the knowledge investment associated with managing such systems.

MobileCorp offers end-to-end virtualisation solutions using VMware and Microsoft technologies.


Managed Backup And Restoration

MobileCorp provides a managed service to safely back up business data and protect business continuity in the face of an attack or threat. 

Data is multiplying in the enterprise at an ever-increasing pace, and the threat landscape is escalating just as rapidly. It is unsafe to rely on legacy backup and recovery products. Modern data protection is integrated, instant, cloud-native and low cost.


Proactive Network Monitoring

Peace-of-mind, confidence and security - proactive monitoring is a critical IT process.

All networking components such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and VMs should be monitored for fault and performance; and evaluated continuously to maintain and optimise availability.


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