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MobileCorp Managed Mobility Service

It's in our name.

For more than 30 years we have been mobile-first, providing Australian organisations with strategic and operational mobile fleet management.

We are a single point of contact for all your mobility management needs. 

MobileCorp offers a Managed Mobility Service to suit every size of mobile fleet. Reduce costs and eliminate the headache of dealing with mobile fleet management.

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Mobile Lifecycle Management

From cradle to grave.

Mobile devices are accounted for, secured, managed, and supported.

Mobile lifecycle management protects the productivity of end users and relieves organisations and IT teams from the burden of operational workload. 

At end of life, devices are disposed off sustainably and often generating buy-back revenue.

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Mobile Expense Management

It will pay for itself, and then some.

Typical savings from Mobile Expense Management will measure around 10 percent of monthly expenditure.

Stop wading through terabytes of incomprehensible carrier billing data each month. Transparency of expenditure keeps everyone honest.

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Mobile Security

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Mobile devices reach deep into your corporate servers and sensitive databases, increasing exposure to cyber-attacks.

Ensure your business is properly protected with the right enterprise mobility security solutions.


Mobile Device Management

No longer a 'nice to have'.

The work-from-home shift with increased cyber-security risk, has moved Mobile Device Management to a fundamental ‘must have’ for business and enterprises of all sizes.

MobileCorp's UEM engineers provide a comprehensive MDM| UEM service, from design and build of an instance, through policy configuration and deployment, and technical helpdesk.


IoT Management

The internet is no longer something we connect to, it’s an interconnected world that we live in.

In 2023, we stand on the edge of a hyper-connected world as 5G and Edge Computing push as faster towards a 'connected everything.'

Why Us

For Business Brains

Making 5G Real

5G is the enabler for all the growth technologies: software-defined networking, the Internet of Everything, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and edge computing.

Partnering with MobileCorp and investing in 5G is laying the foundations for your business growth. 


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For Tech Heads

Leaders in Wireless WAN

Gone are the days when Mobility was considered an 'add-on' and 'not really IT'. Today 5G is leading the charge towards Industry 4.0 - the Connectivity Revolution.

MobileCorp is at the forefront of wireless WAN deploying some of Australia's first 5G networks. 

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5G | The Connectivity Revolution

  • Will 5G trigger a fourth industrial revolution?
  • How will 5G change the Australian business landscape?
  • Which Australian industries face 5G disruption?

All industrial revolutions have coincided with major technological revolutions. 5G is being heralded as the enabler of the fourth industrial revolution: the connectivity revolution.

This white paper dissects the hype, lays out the facts, and delivers a practical action plan for Australian business leaders.

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Our Services

Where we offer our talent and experience.


Making 5G Real. Wireless connection to people, places and things.

Data Networks

Making Networks Ready. For whatever the world throws at you.

Essential 8 Cyber Security

Making Security Robust. Defending your castle.

Unified Communications

Making Teams Work. Keeping your people on the same digital page.


Making Networks Affordable and Scalable. Making applications accessible.

Managed ICT & IT

Like having your own expanded IT team. Building your capacity. Complementing your capability.

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