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Next Generation Firewalls

The difference between a next-generation firewall and older firewalls is like the difference between a smartphone and an early mobile phone. Both have some features in common – voice calls, voicemail – but that’s where it ends.

Firewalls are a standard security tool for most companies, but in today’s changing threat landscape, next generation firewalls are the only firewalls that can provide proper protection.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is commonly referred to as a pen test or ethical hacking. In simple terms, a pen test is a simulation of a process a hacker would use to launch an attack on a business.

MobileCorp works with leading Australian-based security vendors to offer penetration test management as part of a broader security audit or network assessment; or as a standalone service.


Disaster Recovery

‘Disaster Recovery as a Service’ is a practical option for businesses who don’t have the resources – staffing or technology – to manage disaster recovery inhouse.

DRaaS has many benefits including reduced recovery costs, faster recovery timeframe, and expert IT resource. MobileCorp provides a Disaster Recovery evaluation as a professional service.


Network Security Audit

It is one thing to have security measures in place, and another thing to validate their effectiveness in the face of an attack. A security audit reviews existing policies, processes, equipment, and network infrastructure to probe for vulnerabilities and test for effectiveness.

MobileCorp offers a security audit as a professional service. Outsourcing a security audit makes sense as it brings in security specialists with up-to-date expertise in identifying constantly emerging flaws and threats. It also introduces an unbiased and objective perspective to the investigation.


Our Data and IP Network Services

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