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Unified Communications as-a-Service

The workplace has changed and UCaaS is the flexible and scalable 'go to' communications solution for today's distributed workforce.

MobileCorp recommends Access4 and Telstra TIPT as our preferred UCaaS solutions. We offer a UCaaS managed service including solution architecture,  migration, licensing, and technical support desk.

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Collaboration Calling Solutions

MobileCorp offers a range of cloud calling solutions to support seamless collaboration and an office-like experience on the go.

Replace expensive, clunky and dated PABX with virtual telephone systems that empower your team with the latest IP voice functions while reducing call costs, and eliminating expensive hardware and maintenance costs. 

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has all the Office apps you know and love, along with collaboration, productivity, and security tools in one tidy bundle. 

MobileCorp offers two managed migration packages, one suitable for SMB, and the other for more complex enterprise migrations. 

We also offer a comprehensive managed service for Microsoft 365 tenancies. This includes tenant design, build, migration, operational management, security, compliance and reporting, and support services.

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Contact Centre as-a-Service (CcaaS)

A contact centre which is ‘cloud-hosted’ is also referred to as Contact Centre as a Service - CCaaS.

Cloud contact centres offer a flexible, scalable alternative to on-premise solutions and can be deployed quickly with low up-front costs.

MobileCorp delivers a choice of  UJET, the world's first cloud-native contact centre built for the smartphone era; and Genesys Cloud, the world's leading Contact Centre as-a-Service solution delivered on the Telstra network. 

Why Us

For Business Brains

Making teams work

"It is the long history of humankind, that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively, have prevailed." - Charles Darwin.

MobileCorp designs and deploys UC solutions which empower your employees.

For Tech Heads

Reduced IT workload, reinforced security

UC is a god-send for IT teams. It reduces IT workload and strengthens your security posture. 

MobileCorp will deploy a UC solution that standardises the environment making it quicker and more efficient to deploy applications, and it strengthens security since it natively integrates all the applications into a unified platform.

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What is Unified Communications (UC)?

Unified Communications – or UC – is a solution set that integrate all the communication tools and channels that an employee needs to function effectively in the workplace.  The essential channels include instant messaging, voice and video calling, video conferencing, team collaboration, file sharing and email.

How Unified Communications solutions can benefit your business

Our Unified Comms ensures your workforce is on the ‘same page’.

  • For your workforce. Unified Communications is an enabling technology. It enables productivity and performance because teams can connect how they choose and collaborate instantly, working faster to solve issues and deliver outcomes. It also delivers enhanced employee user experience breaking down barriers and allowing agility and flexibility in working environments.
  • For IT teams. Unified Communications means simplicity and scalability. Administrative and management tasks are centralised in a single managed system and delivery can be on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model.
  • For Business Leaders. Unified Communications solutions reduce costs in several ways. There are cost efficiencies in moving from multiple third-party tools to an integrated single unified environment. With most Unified Communications solutions operating ‘as a Service’ from the Cloud the cost also shifts from Capex to Opex with fewer upfront costs.
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How can MobileCorp assist with Unified Communications

MobileCorp offers a Unified Communications solutions to fit every business size and communications requirement.

From a Collaboration Calling solution, to a Unified Communications as a Service [UCaaS] environment, or a fully integrated Cloud Contact Centre – MobileCorp can migrate your business to a solution that fits.

We partner with leading UCaaS providers. We specialise in Microsoft 365 migrations. And as a Telstra Partner, we can also offer Telstra solutions added to your monthly bill.

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Unified Communications and the distributed workforce

There was a time not so very long ago when most knowledge workers were tied to their desks. There was the oversized PC and monitor, and a wired desk phone; with the office fax machine and photo copier taking up significant real estate in a corner. Information was shared mainly by email or even photocopied and handed out, and meetings were mainly in person in a dedicated meeting room.

Every component of that scene has now gone.

The advent of Covid accelerated the shift to a distributed workforce and the way we communicate has changed forever.

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