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Zero-touch deployment of rugged device with custom apps for Coates Hire

12 Oct 2022


MobileCorp built custom code to automate installation of a Telstra MDM (VMWare AirWatch) profile. This enabled the project to be completed in 12 weeks, with a custom Coates Hire zero touch deployment to 950 end users across 114 locations.

Coates Hire is Australia’s largest equipment rental company with branches in over 150 locations Australia-wide, 1800+ employees, and over 1 million pieces of equipment across 21 categories.

The equipment hire business combined with Coates’ team of specialists and engineers help industry to construct landmark buildings, roads and parks. 

Sites: 114
Cradlepoint routers: 950


Coates Hire had a requirement to deploy 950 ruggedised devices to field-force service technicians. These employees were of varying ages, mobile literacy and were located at Coates Hire facilities across Australia.

The device needed to be locked down to corporate-approved apps, enrolled in Coates’  VMware environment, and provisioned with Telstra business mobile plans.

The Coates internal IT team had drawn up a 67-step deployment process which took 60-90 minutes to complete for the set-up of each device. On this timeframe, implementation would take up to 1425 hours or 25 business days.

Unable to absorb the operational demands internally,  Coates Hire looked to outsource the project.




MobileCorp’s mobile device management (MDM) inhouse engineers built a computer script to automate the profile installation. This reduced the deployment process from 67 steps to 19, and reduced the set-up time from 90 minutes to 20 minutes with multiple devices being staged simultaneously.

The steps included enrolment in the Telstra VMware AirWatch platform (T-MDM), adding end user credentials and Google account, disabling bloatware and browsers, and installing 11 apps. Three of these were custom apps for stock count, site inspections and a barcode scanner. 

The devices were locked in kiosk mode to ensure corporate-related use.

The Android devices were configured for a zero touch deployment allowing end users to have a simple ‘out-of-box’ experience. 

MobileCorp’s managed mobility team procured the Telstra Tough devices, installed screen protectors, and connected the device to Telstra mobile service plans.

The project was completed in 12 weeks with a custom Coates Hire zero touch deployment to each end user across 114 locations for an ‘out of the box’ experience.

An asset register of user details and device information was also provided to Coates Hire.



  • Project completed in 12 weeks The build of custom coding to simultaneously stage multiple devices allowed the project to be completed from procurement to end user deployment within 12 weeks exceeding Coates Hire expectations. 
  • Secure kiosk-mode devices Utilising the VMWare AirWatch kiosk mode, MobileCorp could lock down the device to corporate-related tasks which delivered benefits in workplace safety, prolonged device longevity, and reduced usage expenditure.
  • End User ‘out of the box’ experience With 950 service technicians of varying ages and mobile literacy, it was important for productivity and adoption that end users were able to switch the device on and work. The Coates Hire Zero Touch deployment was critical to the overall success of the project.
  • Asset Inventory An asset register of end user details and device information was collated and provided to Coates Hire to allow ongoing asset inventory management, cost centre allocation, telecom expense management, and device lifecycle management.
  • Longevity of device life The Telstra Tough device being fitted with a screen protector and protective case was fit for purpose for service technicians working in the field on construction projects. It was provisioned to be dust-proof, water resistant, and drop-protected.  Experience has shown that relying on employees to attach screen protectors and use a case has lower compliance. Having the device provisioned by MobileCorp ensured that the device was protected from day 1 deployment results in extended longevity of the device life. 

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