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What is a Managed Server?

Entrusting the management of servers to a specialised third=party resource like MobileCorp is a cost-effective way to ensure operational uptime for organisations and allow internal IT to focus on strategy and core business activities. Other benefits are scalability, subject matter expertise, and IT cost certainty.

Benefits of outsourcing Server management

Managed servers are particularly suited to medium-large organisations that do not have 24-hour staffing, and need support for web hosting services, as well as control panel troubleshooting.

When an organisation entrusts the management of its virtual infrastructure or physical infrastructure (Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud) to our MobileCorp IT team, it retains full control of its business online, without all the concerns related to security updates and operating system patches.

Outsourcing also allows infrastructure optimisation, and accelerates innovation, without the costs and stress to internal IT that a complex technical management can cause.


MobileCorp’s Managed Server capabilities

MobileCorp’s managed service can be customised but typically includes the following service modules:

  • Initial Setup
    MobileCorp will configure the hardware and install the proper operating systems and software. Proper server configuration ensures that your applications run effectively and securely.
  • Monitoring System
    Monitoring is critical to ensure that communication, data, and access are functional at all times. MobileCorp’s managed service provides continual monitoring to pre-empt threats and proactively manage issues that do arise.
  • Support
    One of the main advantages of having a Managed Server is the day-to-day support provided. The MobileCorp IT team diagnoses and resolves any server issues that may arise.
  • Back-Up and Storage Data
    oss can be devastating for any business, and proper redundancies ensure that information is backed up and stored securely. MobileCorp will provide access to data that has been backed-up and restore data that may be lost.
  • Disaster Recovery
    In the case of an attack or natural disaster, MobileCorp will provide the expertise required to recover with minimal downtime or disruption to continuity of service.
  • Upgrades
    Software updates or security patches will be installed and deployed in a managed environment.
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