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Managed Backup and Recovery

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What is a Backup and Recovery Service?

Data is multiplying in the enterprise at an ever-increasing pace, and the threat landscape is escalating just as rapidly. 

As a result, IT teams struggle to meet aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), never mind protecting data from being compromised should an attack occur. A modern backup and recovery product is the answer.

The risk of legacy backup and recovery products

Data loss can cause serious financial hardships for a company, and system downtime can cripple productivity. The growth of data is mainly coming from applications – more specifically cloud applications – which are spreading across an increasingly diverse infrastructure.

Meanwhile, cyberattacks have become a constant threat and one of the leading causes of outages. All, while business users have zero tolerance for downtime. Yet many organisations still rely on legacy backup and recovery products.

Modern v Legacy backup

Traditional, multi-point solutions are fragmented, and often consist of backup software, target storage, media and master servers, and bolt-on cloud gateways – all from different vendors.

Modern data protection is integrated, instant, and cloud native, with low total cost of ownership.

Modern platforms have a single management platform, fast recovery points and instant mass restoration to any point in time. 

Other features include granular search and recovery, agile scale-out and online upgrades.


MobileCorp Managed Backup and Recovery service

MobileCorp provides a managed service to safely back up business data and protect business continuity in the face of an attack or threat.

MobileCorp managed backup and recovery service includes:

  • remote monitoring and management
  • data encryption
  • long term data retention
  • file and folder level backups
  • all operating system supported
  • incremental backup of changes rather than files
  • server image backup
  • local backup
  • automated or manual restoration
  • anytime recovery
  • failover testing
  • compliance and business continuity support
  • monthly reporting

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