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What is Unified Communications Management?

Anytime, anywhere, anyone, any device – it’s a basic expectation of today’s workforce and an aim of every enterprise who wants to optimise productivity.

UC is no longer technology of the future. It is no longer a ‘nice to have.’ It’s an essential component of remaining competitive in today’s market.

MobileCorp Unified Communications Managed Service

We’ve been looking after the mobile communications needs of Australian employees for over 30 years, so it was a logical expansion into delivering unified comms.

We offer a managed service for two key UCaaS solutions 

  • Microsoft 365
  • Access4 

For organisations who already run a Microsoft house it may make more sense for you to leverage your existing licensing and software stack by looking to implement Microsoft's UCaaS solution of Onedrive, Sharepoint, Exchange, and Teams.

Access4 is a solution that is particularly suitable for SMB and SME organisations. It offers all the essential collaboration tools, and is very strong in the cloud telephony and collaboration calling space. At MobileCorp we use a combination of Microsoft 365 with Access4 for our cloud telephony and Teams Calling.

Our UC Managed Service includes licensing management, solution architecture, build, migration and ongoing monitoring, software updates, troubleshooting, and reporting.

Workforce Satisfaction and Productivity

  • Happy employees = productivity 
    Give employees with access to all the communications channels they need whenever and wherever they need, and on any device: phone calls, email, instant messaging, video chat.
  • Be geography blind
    Enable employees and teams to work together or with clients more effectively no matter where they are located through desktop sharing, data sharing, web conferencing.
  • Enable a positive culture of collaboration
    to drive sales and enhance overall customer service.
  • Respect employees
    right to keep their work life and their personal life separate with granular call control synced across all devices.

IT Simplicity and Scalability

  • A single managed system
    to prevent unmanaged applications and services
  • Administrative tasks centralised
    Setting up new users, making changes to user profiles, updating features, and application software patches – all administrative and management tasks are centralised. Perform tasks once and have confidence that the result will be pushed out organisation wide.
  • The ultimate in deployment flexibility
     Deploy applications or software upgrades to any subset of users anywhere, on any device, on demand.
  • Vendor and device agnostic
    Choose platforms and hardware based on workforce need for office-bound employees, field force workers, shift workers, knowledge workers, contact centre; and BYO or Corporate-owned devices.
  • Flexible delivery
    Can be delivered as on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid model.

Cost Savings

With UCaaS comes the ability – especially for SMB organisations – to implement a solution with all the features of an on-premise UC solution of the past, for a fraction of the cost.

With UCaaS there is no on-premises PBX system to install or maintain, allowing internal IT to be freed from operational tasks while the organisation benefits from faster upgrades and provisioning at reduced cost.

Employees sharing insightful and timely communication helps respond effectively to customer inquiries and drives innovation and revenue in the long-term.

Enhanced Security

nified communications platforms extend various types of modalities; chat, presence, audio, video, file sharing, desktop sharing etc. to authenticated and anonymous users. These users connect from inside and outside of the organisation’s network. 

Types of modalities and end point locations make the UC platform vulnerable towards security threats.

A hosted UC solution will address these concerns with authentication protocols, message encryption, secure VPN tunnelling, servers behind firewalls and diligent security monitoring, auditing and patching.

Constant Tech Evolution

Technology, both software and hardware, operates in a constant state of change. IT teams cannot put a solution in place then step back and admire their handiwork.

Constant revision and innovation is required.

Employees also need IT processes and policies, and training, to help them to keep up with constant updates to the digital tools they are expected to use.

UC: On-premise, UCaaS or hybrid Unified Communications?

Initially UC was confined to large enterprises with large budgets as it was an on-premise solution which required expensive builds at each location and physically managing large number of endpoint devices.

The arrival of cloud computing and UCaaS means the technology is now affordable for smaller organisations with the upfront CapEx costs now eliminated and subscription costs being OpEx. 

Some UCaaS providers allow for cloud deployments at certain sites such as branch locations, and on-premise deployments at others such as head offices. This is known as the hybrid deployment model.

A hybrid model can be attractive for some organisations as it allows businesses to continue using legacy equipment and maintain disaster failover benefits. At the same time, even though the system has been deployed in different ways across multiple sites, it is still a single system that can be administered centrally.

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