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Managed Virtualisation

Lower IT costs and reduce downtime without having to make the knowledge investment

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What is Managed Virtualisation?

Managed Virtualisation allows companies to leverage the benefits of virtualisation without the knowledge investment associated with managing a virtualisation platform.

Virtualisation can create significant cost savings through reducing hardware, lowering energy costs and streamlining maintenance and management.

Benefits of Next Generation Virtualisation

A next generation virtualisation platform will:

  • provide secure data, infrastructure and access at scale
  • support intelligent workload management
  • assure application performance across big data, machine learning and cloud-native deployments, as well as traditional business-critical applications
  • drive operational efficiencies
  • have VM-level encryption to protect against unauthorised data access
  • provide audit-quality logging and UEFI secure boot capabilities enabling authorised administration and control

MobileCorp Managed Virtualisation Service

MobileCorp offers both physical and cloud end-to-end virtualisation management.

MobileCorp delivers across all the key virtualisation disciplines including virtualised desktop, virtualised server, and virtualised network.

We leverage leading tools to deliver automated, intelligent workload management for virtual infrastructures, to assure application performance, and to drive operational efficiency.

Key benefits of MobileCorp managed service

  • reduce capital and operating costs
  • minimise downtime
  • increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness
  • faster provisioning of applications and resources
  • greater business continuity and disaster recovery
  • simplified data centre management
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