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Explore your learning potential


5G for Education

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5G for Learning Continuity

  • Failover to 5G for critical applications and internet access
  • 5G Network guaranteed uptime of 99.9% with Telstra
  • Cloud management for always-on support

When council workers dug up the fibre link outside the main campus of a leading private school in Melbourne there was a total loss of internet access for more than 24 hours with serious impact on teaching and learning outcomes. 

MobileCorp has since deployed a 5G wireless failover solution to provide link diversity and protect against future outages.

We utilised a Cradlepoint 5G edge router with intelligent traffic prioritisation and cloud management to automatically failover to cellular should the dark fibre link be compromised.

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5G for the Anywhere Classroom

  • Instantly connect temporary classrooms and demountables
  • Deploy 5G pop-up networks for outdoor classrooms
  • Turn school buses into mobile WiFi hotspots to enable community-based classrooms or homework zones

In 2020, when the pandemic meant students across the globe were suddenly immersed in home schooling, the South Bend Community School Corporation in the US sent dozens of connected school buses to park in community open spaces so all its students could safely access Wi-Fi.

The students’ Chromebooks were automatically connected to one SSID, while a second SSID was reserved for the general community.

Their motto - leave no student offline.

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5G for secure students and data

  • Deploy instant secure PoS payments connectivity
  • Securely distribute learning content and sensitive information such as academic data and personal student data on a defined need-to-know basis.
  • Real time monitoring of CCTV security cameras allows fast response to ensure student safety

A unified approach to edge security that delivers NSW CSP compliance, application-level control, analytics-rich content filtering, segmentation, and secure device-to-cloud IoT connections.

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5G for Immersive Learning

  • Through the use of headsets, visors and sensors, teachers can explain complex and abstract concepts to students in an experientially rich environment.

A recent study found a 76 percent increase in learning outcomes when students used a VR simulation and a 101 percent increase when VR was used in combination with traditional teaching.

AR and VR require the higher bandwidth, lower latency and network resiliency delivered by 5G.


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5G for Personalised Learning

  • 5G enables AI and machine learning which can personalise curricula for individual students based on their unique progress.
  • Individual student interactions with different lesson plans can prompt progressive learning modules reacting to engagement and mastery cues.

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5G for Enhanced Collaboration

  • NSW One Schools Network - Enable real time streaming to collaborate creating music or art projects.
  • Enhance video conferencing with real-time, highly accurate closed captioning and automated language translation.
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Managed Mobility for Education


Managed Mobility Service

Protect your productivity, Be supported by the experts. 

  • A single point of contact for all your mobility needs
  • Swift execution of your requests with direct access to Telstra back-end systems
  • Local support experts providing friendly responsive service to SLAs.
  • Transparency and accountability at every stage of the lifecycle
  • MobileCorp uses encryption technology to protect your data while at rest and in transit. Browser connections are secured by TLS/SSL.
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Telecom Expense Management

Peace of mind that you are being billed accurately and not paying more than you need to.

  • Expense management delivers guaranteed cost savings.
  • Makes sense of terabytes of billing data, distilling it into meaningful action points.
  • Identifies cost saving opportunities and ACTs upon them
  • Monitor end user behaviour for policy compliance
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Mobile Device Management

For visibility, transparency, security and compliance

  • MDM allows zero-touch deployment of devices. Open the box – switch on – work.
  • MDM with customised profiles allows remote management of OS and applications.
  • Deploy critical and custom applications, push updates, block inappropriate use. Jamf, VMware, Microsoft Intune.
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IT and Security for Education


Managed Endpoint Security

For threat detection and defence and zero trust private access

  • We recommend Jamf Threat Defence powered by Wandera for zero-day threat detection
  • Security at the network and endpoint layers
  • Ensures Mobile Data Policy compliance
  • MobileCorp managed service providing licensing, deployment, monitoring, service desk, issue resolution, and reporting
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Essential 8
Cyber Security

  • Protecting personal privacy and data is critical to the safety and wellbeing of students and the school community.
  • Protecting academic data is paramount to protecting the integrity of the entire education system.

Essential 8 is the Australian cyber security framework that is mandated for Government agencies and recommended for universities and academic institutions.

MobileCorp offers two Essential 8 solutions to lift your cyber security posture.

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IT Managed Service

Like having an inhouse expert

  • Technical support service desk 
  • Managed desktops, endpoints, network
  • Microsoft 365 and Teams specialists
  • Flexible IT support - plug a gap, complement inhouse capabilities, or hand off workload
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The future is wireless.

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