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End-of-Life Device Management

Responsible end-of-life management is a win-win-win. For our businesses, our community, and our planet.

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MobileCorp 7-Point Device Sustainability program

At MobileCorp, we believe that we have a responsibility to assist our business customers to responsibly manage their disposal of end of life mobile devices.

We are committed to 7 sustainability goals. They are

  1. To protect our environment from devastating e-waste
  2. To contribute to the Circular Economy by providing options for re-use or renewal of mobile devices
  3. To offer an approved Buy-Back scheme which provides a commercial benefit to customers encouraging responsible and sustainable disposal of end of life devices
  4. To provide recycling options for devices that are beyond renewal and re-use
  5. To extend the lifecycle of mobile devices by providing manageable repair options
  6. To extend the lifecycle of mobile devices by providing competitive pricing for glass screen protectors and protective cases
  7. To offer certified secure erasure of mobile devices so that commercial customers can act with confidence to sustainably manage end of life devices

Managing e-waste

We believe in contributing to the Circular Economy by actively seeking ways to buy-back, renew, re-use and recycle end of life devices.

Our target is to responsibly dispose of all mobile devices surrendered to MobileCorp aiming for zero e-waste through our sustainability practices.

Buy-Back Program

This Telstra-approved buy-back scheme is a win anyway you look at it.

It delivers a commercial return to the organisation, supports the circular economy, is good for the environment, is sustainable and meets corporate responsibility targets.

Buy-back funds can be credited to a Telstra accounts, used to purchase Telstra partner managed services, new hardware, or Telstra network services.

We buy-back smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, office equipment and IT equipment.


MobileCorp is committed to the safe and sustainable renewal of all mobile devices surrendered to us.

All devices that can be, are refurbished and repurposed for a second life.

Some devices are donated to charity and others made available for sell to the Australian public at low cost.


Mobile devices that are not viable for renewal are recycled for materials.

MobileCorp utilises the telecommunications industry-funded program run by Mobile Muster.

Most of the materials that make up a mobile device – 95% – can be recycled.

Secure Erasure

MobileCorp provides certified device wiping of all corporate data from mobile devices at end of life.

Protect corporate and employee data privacy by removing all traces of ownership utilising device wiping software with multiple global certifications including ISO 15408.

Device Repair

Device repair may be commercially viable but can be a difficult process for organisations to manage.

MobileCorp takes the pain out of repair management for our customers.

We offer three levels of repair service:

  • Executive Device Swap out
  • Priority Break-Fix
  • Standard repair management

Executive swap-out for Very Important Devices
There are times when a device breaks that a replacement device is needed immediately. This is for those times. A replacement device will be enrolled in any security programs such as VMWare or Apple DEP, configured with MDM profile/or custom applications installed, upgraded to the latest OS, charged, encased and delivered by express courier.

Break-Fix repairs for premium turnaround time
This is MobileCorp’s premium repair service. It covers warranty and non-warranty repairs by an authorised repairer using genuine parts. $0 for quote. Device repaired within 5 business days.

Repair management
It can be tempting to take your damaged Apple device directly to an Apple store for repair, however this approach can cause issues with asset inventory and device management as the Apple repairers do not usually repair and hand back the same device. Hand your broken device to MobileCorp and we will take it from there.

Extended Life

Sometimes it takes thinking outside of the box.

Unfortunately new mobile devices do not come with accessories in the box that will protect and extend the life of the device which is a business-critical tool, and a significant financial investment.

MobileCorp offers a special bundle pricing discount for organisations that purchase a screen protector and a protective case with a new device.

We know this is an investment that will return a positive ROI for our customers and deliver a positive outcome for our planet and community.

MobileCorp Sustainable Buy-Back Program

MobileCorp offers a sustainable Telstra-approved buy-back program which enables Australian enterprise and business organisations to receive a commercial benefit while ethically divesting unwanted mobile phones and tablets.

The devices are either refurbished and reused to connect communities; or recycled for parts, keeping e-waste out of landfill.

Buy-back prices are dependent upon the age and condition of the device. Quotes are provided sight-unseen and adjusted if necessary on inspection. It is a very simple process, designed to make it easy for a corporate to implement.

Devices receive secure decommissioning with all data removed using certified secure erasure software.


Renewal and Re-use of viable devices

Devices purchased through the Buy-Back program are refurbished and offered for resale to the community.

Some of the devices that are refurbished are donated to communities which can not afford the cost of new hardware.

Providing a device which would not otherwise be affordable, opens up a whole world of possibilities for individuals and communities.

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Recycling of non-viable devices

Any devices that are beyond refurbishment, are recycled for parts by another Telstra-partner organisation, Mobile Muster.

MobileMuster is the recycling program of the Australian mobile phone industry voluntarily funded by: Alcatel, Apple, Google, hmd Global, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, Optus, Samsung, Telstra, Vigo Mobile Australia, Vodafone and ZTE.

Over 95% of the materials in a mobile phone are able to be recovered.

The batteries, printed circuit boards, casings, screens, accessories and packaging are processed separately through shredding, sorting and heating techniques to maximise resource recovery.

The aluminium, glass and plastic in a mobile phone can be recycled for a second life. Lithium batteries can be processed to recover nickel, cobalt, cadmium, and lithium.

These recycling initiatives reduce future greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and conserve natural resources.


Certified secure erasure of EOL devices

In some cases it may be vitally important that devices are securely wiped of any residual corporate or personal data. The buyback scheme includes secure data erasure included in the buy-back price.

Utlising Blancco software, a Certificate of Erasure is provided for every asset, proving compliance with 25+ global security standards.

Erasure can take place at the customer premise or in a secure third party location.


Extended Life Bundles

It makes commercial sense to protect mobile devices with protective case and screen protector to extend the life of the device.

All of the latest devices now have IP ratings for dust and water resistance. However, it is impact damage and broken screens that takes out so many corporate devices.

MobileCorp provides a competitive bundle pricing for device protection accessories.

We also supply a range of earth-friendly cases made of recycled materials, and produced with a zero carbon footprint.


Earth-friendly ECO protective cases

MobileCorp promotes the EFM ECO earth-friendly range of protective cases.

The ECO is made of 100% environmentally friendly and repurposed materials, and is 100% recyclable.

The ECO is a game-changing case which is tough, slim and provides impact protection without the environmental impact. It is also proudly Australian.

Earth-friendly ECO

Supporting The Circular Economy

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy of ‘make, use, dispose.’

In a circular economy we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at end of life.

Mobile devices are an ideal product to adopt the circular economy concept.

In the world of corporate mobility it means

  • taking actions to extend the life of mobile devices
  • renewing and re-using devices that remain viable for use at some level
  • recycling parts or ingredients of devices that can not be re-purposed
  • sustainably disposing of any e-waste protecting the environment
  • providing benefits to less advantaged nations’
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