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Making 5G Real for Business


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The freedom to connect anywhere

Primary Branch

The agility and uptime your locations need — without the wires. 5G is a viable alternative to fixed infrastructure for stores, offices, warehouses and anywhere that nbn does not reach. Deployed in days, at a fraction of the cost. 5G can be a standalone primary link for all traffic or provide link diversity as part of a Hybrid WAN for traffic prioritisation or supplumentary bandwidth

Business Continuity - Failover

WAN downtime is costly and debilitating. Seamlessly failover to 5G if the primary fixed connection is compromised. Network link diversity enables traffic prioritisation or supplement bandwidth. Cloud-managed out-of-band trouble-shooting and in-band control of devices on the LAN,

Day 1 Connectivity

Instant internet - don't wait for wires. 5G Wireless edge solutions built for immediate network availability in preparation for opening day. Immediately set up secure WAN and LAN connectivity at new locations through plug-and-play LTE and 5G routers.


LTE and 5G solutions for anywhere your connected vehicles must go. Vehicles are like offices operating in wide-ranging locations. Confidently send and receive sensitive data — including public safety information and customer and payment data. Connect on-board IoT to critical applications and the cloud.

Pop-Up Venues

Pop-up services have become vital across many industries — from seasonal stores to election polling places and emergency response tents. Organisations can serve customers and do business in new places and ways, with a 5G temporary network that is secure, easy to deploy, and can be monitored and managed from the cloud.

IOT Edge Compute

Have secure reliable transport of IoT data from the edge of your organisation’s network to the cloud with 5G. A dedicated, secure 5G network can quickly deploy IoT projects.

Work from Home

Run a secure Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) dedicated company-controlled network on 5G. Provides remote workers with constant LTE/5G and Wi-Fi connectivity and consistent performance that’s isolated from the home network. Enables the IT team to centrally manage WAN and LAN and provide a zero-touch deployment.

More than 10 million Australians are already living, working, or passing through a 5G network footprint every day.


Our 5G Services

5G Site Assessment
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5G Enterprise Wireless
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Telstra 5G
5G Action Plan

5G Site Assessment

Is your business location suitable for an LTE or 5G solution? Let's find out.

Enterprise Wireless

When wires don't cut it, cut the wire. Flexible, secure, enterprise-grade LTE and 5G connectivity available in days not months.

Enhanced Enterprise Wireless

Are you looking for Day 1 connectivity with guaranteed 5G network uptime, intelligent cloud-managed router, professional deployment and ongoing management? Stop looking.

Cradlepoint Wireless

Intelligent best-in-the-world 5G routers.
Cloud-managed edge solutions.

Telstra 5G

Widest reach. Fastest speeds. 5G on Australia's leading network.

5G Action Plan

Making 5G Real.
Learn how to evaluate 5G as an enabler for your network and business use cases.

5G Site Assessment

Enterprise Wireless

Enhanced Enterprise Wireless

Cradlepoint Wireless

Telstra 5G

5G Action Plan

5G Action Plan for Australian Business

It's time to understand how 5G could disrupt your industry and provide a competitive edge for your business.

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