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Kemps Creek mobile tower


Day 1 connectivity for Kemps Creek warehouse powered by Cradlepoint

12 Oct 2022


The first employees at the new Kemps Creek warehouse facility on the outskirts of Sydney were provided with reliable, fast internet access, while waiting on fixed telecommunications infrastructure.

BD ANZ has been a major supplier to the Australian and NZ Healthcare Market for the past 28 years specialising in diagnostic and medical supplies. The US headquartered company employs 400 people across Australia and New Zealand. 

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Cradlepoint routers: Kemps Creek, Greater Sydney


BD had constructed a new warehouse at a virgin site at Kemps Creek, on the edge of Greater Sydney.

Fixed infrastructure would not be in place in time for the warehouse opening date, and mobile internet access was unreliable and slow.  

A wireless solution was required that could cope with multiple users requiring fast and reliable internet access and voice calling.

BD needed an instant enterprise-grade connectivity solution that would support onsite communications and productivity.  



MobileCorp delivered its Next Day Connect solution utilising a Cradlepoint AER1600 router, preconfigured by MobileCorp to work on connection.

This was partnered with an onsite external directional antenna to improve the signal strength from Telstra’s base station.

The Cradlepoint AER1600 provided 

  • Dual-band, dual-concurrent WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Dual-modem / multi-carrier support
  • Ports: 1 GigE WAN / 4 GigE LAN (switchable)
  • Unified Threat Management

The cloud-managed Cradlepoint NetCloud SaaS platform allowed remote monitoring of the link, and remote management of the modem, as well as WWAN analytics for troubleshooting diagnostics.

The dual modem allowed a second carrier SIM to be utilised for primary mobile failover if required.

When fixed infrastructure construction is completed, the Cradlepoint router would provide an industry-leading 4G failover link. 

Mangrove mountain cell tower


  • Fast Primary Internet Access:  Although 4G is a contended service, testing at installation showed a download speed averaging 50Mbps and upload of 15Mbps. A maximum speed of 65 Mbps was recorded onsite.
  • Reliable Internet Connectivity:  The use of external directional antennas improved signal strength from Telstra’s base station eliminating drop-outs and supporting a consistent end user experience. 
  • Managed Deployment & Testing:  The entire project was managed by MobileCorp with minimal input required by BD resources. This included procurement of the hardware, configuration of the Cradlepoint and NetCloud SaaS. Our specialists attended onsite to install the antenna and test the signal strength.
  • Future Failover link:  When fixed infrastructure becomes available at the Kemps Creek site, the Cradlepoint will provide a reliable failover link to protect business continuity. 

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