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LTE Wireless WAN

4G LTE is the pathway to 5G, providing a stable and viable wireless WAN across many Australian metro, regional and rural areas.

LTE is best described as a second-generation 4G. It brings together multiple 4G spectrum bands which means faster speeds for category 6 and higher devices when in an LTE area, and double the bandwidth of standard 4G.

LTE Wireless WAN solutions meet the needs of many Australian business locations  and are future-proofed for 5G when it is available.


5G Wireless WAN

5G Wireless WAN  provides all the benefits of wired connections without the limitations.

MobileCorp has deployed many 5G Wireless WAN solutions which are typically achieving download speeds in excess of 1GB and upload of 70Mbps. Business use cases include temporary sites, pop-up stores, branch offices; and links can be primary or failover or provide supplementary bandwidth to cope with traffic spikes or traffic prioritisation.

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Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise wireless is now a viable alternative to a wired link in many locations across Australia.

Its key benefits are speed to deployment, portability, network agility, and availability where wires don't reach.

Perfect for Day 1 Connectivity, greenfield sites, temporary sites. Also ideal for primary access, bandwidth augmentation and traffic prioritisation use cases.

Telstra Enhanced Enterprise Wireless

Enhanced Enterprise Wireless is Telstra's premier 5G enterprise class wireless connectivity product offering business 'peace of mind' guaranteed 99.9% 5G network uptime and expert managed service.

Telstra Enhanced Enterprise Wireless is a collaboration between Telstra, Cradlepoint and MobileCorp. 

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