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Mobile Fleet Audit

Take a microscope to the fleet to clean your data identify cost saving opportunities

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What is a Mobile Fleet Audit?

A mobile fleet audit will deliver cost savings, productivity improvements and  optimisation recommendations.

An audit will intelligently dissect fleet composition, management processes, carrier billing and usage data. It will identify unnecessary expenditure, operational gaps, security risks and productivity barriers; and will provide recommendations to deliver a return on investment.

Mobile Fleet Audit by MobileCorp

A Mobile Fleet Audit is a professional service offered by MobileCorp.

Outsourcing a mobility audit makes sense because an independent critical eye is crucial to identifying threats, risks and gaps, as well as opportunities.

Internal resources can have a vested interest in the current set-up. They may not have the detailed knowledge of carrier plans, inclusions, or pricing which is required. Or they may simply have insufficient time to invest in the exercise.

MobileCorp’s Mobile Fleet Audit

This is a professional service which will be customised to meet the business objectives of each customer and can incorporate any or all of the following:

  • audit of contracted mobile services, plans, rates, and allowances
  • consumption audit – data, IDD, roaming, applications, unauthorised use
  • carrier billing audit – identifying errors and obtaining credits
  • analysis of fleet composition, device lifecycle health check
  • end user digital experience – deployment, remote management, support
  • endpoint security threat analysis
  • carrier contract review of inclusions and allowances, spend commitment, loyalty fund
  • reviews with key stakeholders in finance, procurement and IT; as well as end users from various roles across the business

An audit report will be compiled to

  • identify unauthorised, excess, or un-budgeted expenditure
  • highlight operational gaps
  • evaluate security risks
  • make visible end user productivity barriers

The final report will provide recommendations to

  • deliver a return on investment through cost savings
  • mitigate risks
  • enhance productivity
  • inform carrier contract negotiations

Why undertake a mobile fleet audit?

The true value of a mobile fleet audit is transparency.

This audit takes a microscope to the corporate mobility fleet to identify cost control, cost saving, and productivity opportunities.

Almost universally, a mobile fleet audit will return a positive return on investment.

Typical goals of a mobile fleet audit are to:

  • reduce telecom expenditure
  • accurately assign costs within the business
  • allow expenditure forecasting and budgeting
  • support carrier dispute resolution
  • inform carrier contractual negotiations
  • understand security threats at device and network levels
  • identify barriers to end user experience and productivity
  • refine employee usage policies and procedures
  • inform future technology goals

What is included in a mobile fleet audit?

A mobile fleet audit is a examination of every aspect of corporate mobility and can include

  • device procurement analysis – pricing, bundling, accessories
  • device lifecycle optimisation – device suitability, longevity, refresh strategy, repair and replacement policy
  • asset inventory analysis – asset register, cost visibility
  • telco plan optimisation – usage analytics to ensure the best value plan is matched to each end user to optimise savings;
  • carrier service optimisation – identifying redundant services
  • carrier bill audit - Gartner estimates 80% of carrier bills contain errors; ensuring you are receiving what you are paying for, and only paying for what you are receiving (read that again, slowly)
  • end user digital experience audit – onboarding and zero touch device deployment, repairs and replacements, remote device management, end user support
  • device security – endpoint accessibility, exposure to malware, remote management, lock and wipe compromised devices
  • financial management – management and end user cost visibility, cost centre allocation, accounting software data input

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