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MobileCorp becomes accredited Telstra Global Partner to manage trans-Tasman fleets

16 Jun 2020


MobileCorp has become an accredited Telstra Global Partner to meet a growing demand to manage trans-Tasman mobile fleets.


MobileCorp has a number of enterprise customers with a presence across the APAC region, particularly in New Zealand, and it makes commercial sense for them to consolidate their mobile management to a single point of contact, says MobileCorp managing director, Stephen Aravopoulos.


"It made sense for us to be come an accredited Telstra Global partner as there is a growing demand, particularly trans-Tasman, for consolidation of mobile fleet management.

"Customers are looking for simplicity, cost efficiency, security and consistency in the way that their mobile fleets are managed across the region."

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APAC-wide mobile fleet management with MobileCorp 

The rise of cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions, along with Telstra Global alliances with national carriers in neighbouring countries, has made it possible to deliver a consistent set of managed mobility solutions across borders, says Aravopoulos. 

"The logistics of managing an international corporate fleet has become a possibility due to alliances forged by Telstra Global, combined with the rise of cloud-based managed mobility solutions like EMM and TEMs."

Utilising an EMM environment, MobileCorp can enable organisations to standardise their device management and compliance policies; and to push these polices to devices wherever they are located.

Leveraging Telstra Global's alliances and data sharing agreements, the billing of services in other countries can be converted to Australian dollars and appear on the local Telstra bill. MobileCorp delivers visibility and TEMs analytics to audit and optimise billing data whatever the source.

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Single point of contact for end user service and support

A key benefit of regional mobility management is having one single point of contact for all fleet management operational tasks and end user support across the region. 

MobileCorp takes over the time-consuming workload involved in liaison with multiple carriers to action and resolve service requests. These may include new device procurement, new connections and disconnections, plan changes, roaming, connectivity issues, billing issues, repair and end of life management. 

MobileCorp provides a regional support service desk and a tracked ticketing system that allows end users and administrators to monitor the status of their requests no matter their physical location. 

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Single EMM environment for device management and security

The rise of Enterprise Mobility Management cloud-based environments means all devices across the region are able to be remote managed to enforce mobile security, application, and policy compliance.

Utilising a single EMM instance for all devices across APAC, can enable

  • zero touch device deployment 
  • device profile configuration 
  • device enrolment visibility 
  • remote security management including security patches, device lock or wipe, and mobile threat defence to protect end users
  • remote application management to support end user productivity
  • device kiosk mode to enforce specific end user behaviours

"In most cases our customers with trans-border fleets will have MobileCorp manage their devices through an EMM environment like VMWare Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, or Jamf. This enables devices to be updated OTA and keeps the fleet compliant with security and productivity benchmarks."

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Single Telstra bill and TEMS

For the finance department there is obvious commercial value and convenience in having a single bill for all mobile services across the region. 

Leveraging its relationships with international carriers, Telstra Global enables international services to be converted to AUD$ and billed by Telstra on the parent company's Australian Telstra account.

MobileCorp provides visibility, audit and analytics for all carrier billing through its TEMS Pro solution.

TEMS Pro is a cloud-based, integrated, and automated telecom expense management solution. It is a comprehensive online asset management and bill interrogation environment that gives visibility of to all aspects of the telecoms inventory, usage and expenditure.

"Australian-based finance teams can be confident that the international bills are audited for accuracy, and cost saving opportunities are highlighted through MobileCorp's TEMS Pro solution."

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MobileCorp's Telstra Global partnership is market-leading

As well as being an accredited Telstra Global Partner, MobileCorp is also a Telstra Platinum Partner Mobility; and a Telstra Accredited Partner for Data and IP. We have over 30 year's of Telstra partnership experience to leverage to ensure value for our enterprise and business customers.

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Telstra is a global leader in telecommunications operating in over 20 countries outside of Australia, providing data and IP network and network services. These services are underpinned by formal alliances with international carriers, and a sub-sea cable network, with licences in Asia, Europe and the Americas and access to more than 2,000 Points of Presences (PoPs) in more than 200 countries and territories globally. 

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