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Cloud Architecture

The goal of cloud computing design is to simplify the users’ experience so they can get the benefit of compute resources on demand.

The starting point is not the technology or the hardware layer; it’s which business services will be delivered at what service level. 

MobileCorp offers a range of vendor-agnostic network design professional services.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving an organisation’s on-premises digital assets, services, databases, IT resources and applications either partially or totally to the Cloud. 

MobileCorp will align your business with one of our three Cloud Migration strategies - Lift and Shift, Move and Improve, or Rip and Replace.

Cloud Optimisation

Two of the key drivers for cloud adoption are cost reduction and enabling business transformation. Just migrating to the cloud is not enough to ensure those outcomes.

Proactive optimisation activity ensures continuous refinement and improvement of cloud performance to meet business objectives.

MobileCorp cloud specialists utilise market-leading Cloud Management Platforms, including Telstra CMP, to deliver a rigorous program of optimisation activity.

Cloud Infrastructure Audit

MobileCorp’s cloud audit will form an opinion over the design and operational effectiveness of a cloud computing instance by obtaining evidence through inquiry, physical inspection, observation, confirmation, and analytics procedures.

The outcomes of a MobileCorp cloud infrastructure audit are clarity and reassurance, risk mitigation, identification of opportunities for improvement, and legal and regulatory compliance (if relevant).

Cloud Professional Services

Cloud Professional Services

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