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What is needed in a technology site relocation?

Relocations are stressful. There are many things that could go wrong and many of them are in the hands of a third party.

Relocations take careful planning to ensure that all the connectivity activity occurs and in the correct order.

As a bonus, MobileCorp also has direct access into Telstra's network systems to organise onsite technicians visits.

MobileCorp eats relocations for breakfast. Our managed service takes all the stress out of your move.

MobileCorp Managed Site Relocation

Relocations are stressful. There are many things that could go wrong and many of them are in the hands of a third party.

MobileCorp eats relocations for breakfast. Our managed service takes all the stress out of your move.

MobileCorp Site Relocations Service includes:

Infrastructure Designicon

It is possible that the new site will already have the physical infrastructure in place that suits the needs of your business…however in many instances it will not. We will collaborate with you to design infrastructure preparing drawings and overseeing the implementation works.

Project Managementicon

This is a task that requires disciplined project management. There are many activities that have to occur sequentially when relocating to a new site. There are also a number of third parties involved including the carrier, onsite cabling technicians, possibly nbn technicians. MobileCorp will prepare a project plan and take responsibility for the relocation of lines, network services and equipment to a new physical location.

Carrier managementicon

One of the most time-consuming aspects of a site relocation is the coordination of Telstra line management. Please note that Telstra will require 2-3 months’ notice for any new lines or line relocations.

Cabling Infrastructureicon

Cabling work is often required for a new site fit-out, or a site relocation. MobileCorp will project manage the cabling work from design through quotation, engaging vetted and licensed technicians, supervising onsite work, and ensuring the agreed scope of work has been completed. Please note that cabling will incur an additional charge to the managed service and is dependent on the site specifications.

Phone System Relocation or Upgradeicon

One of the most common technology upgrades required with migrating to a new site is telephony equipment. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy a new phone system – but it is true that phone systems that are more than 4-5 years old, are unlikely to be compatible with fibre technology, and you will also be missing out on many useful IP business features.

When a phone system is deemed incompatible, that generally means that it has been designed to send its voice traffic as analogue signals and this is not recognised by the digital fibre network. In this case you have two options:

  1. buy a new phone system; or
  2. buy an interim technology which sits between the SIP technology and the outdated phone system to terminate the voice service.

Four stages of MobileCorp site relocation service

Stage 1. Site Evaluation, Data Validationicon

This stage includes liaising with the customer to determine existing and future business requirements, analysing site-specific barriers or impacts, gathering data from NBN Co. and selected carrier to understand timeframes and potential collaboration impacts. 

Stage 2. Project design, Scope Of Worksicon

MobileCorp will provide a design diagram, and prepare a scope of work encompassing the site layout, equipment and network services, including responsibilities, timeframes. 

Stage 3. Project Deliveryicon

MobileCorp will manage the ordering and provision of carrier lines and services; decommission and relocation of any existing phone system; and manage onsite works and technicians including testing and confirmation of service.

Stage 4. Project Handovericon

On completion of the scope of work, MobileCorp will initiate a formal handover process. We will also provide 30 days’ support on any faults and issues included in the scope of work. Throughout the project, we will provide weekly status updates and at the conclusion of the project will provide full documentation relating to the completed scope of works. 


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