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Managed Mobility Service

Outsource your mobile fleet management to the experts. Allow your internal resources to concentrate on your core business.

MobileCorp has a Managed Mobility service bundle to suit every size of mobile fleet with base modules for support, lifecycle, deployment, device management, mobile security, and mobile expense management. Aligned with a dedicated MobileCorp account manager and support team.

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MobileCorp Mobility Support

MobileCorp's Mobility Support service is Australian-based, agile and responsive. 

Our Support ticketing provides transparency and accountability at every stage of a support request, and we work to demanding SLAs.

MobileCorp has direct access into Telstra's backend network systems and we use encryption technology to protect your data while at rest and in transit. 

Onsite Mobility Support

Yes it is still a thing - even after Covid! MobileCorp continues to provide our customers with the option of having a dedicated mobility support consultant based onsite at your location.

Two of our largest customers have a MobileCorp mobility support consultant based out of their office. We also offer a VIP Support Service for senior executives and critical workers.

Telstra Carriage Management

Never have to call Telstra again - well not for service issues anyway. MobileCorp will be your single point of contact for all your Telstra-related activity.

As one of the first Telstra Enterprise and Business partners, we are trusted with access to Telstra systems which means we are able to fulfill your Telstra service requests fast.  

Leverage our knowledge hard-won over many years, to get the most out of your Telstra relationship.

Telstra Adaptive Mobility

Adaptive Mobility is a major shift in mindset from Telstra.

It is a move from a culture of 'carriage as a product', rigidly defined and locked-down for an inflexible contract term; to a culture of 'carriage as a service' able to be quickly scaled to enable mature and emerging technologies. 

Adaptive Mobility is Telstra's new mobile plan construct that removes the contract term and minimum spend requirements that have long been a part of telco contract negotiations, replacing them with an agile month-to-month arrangement. 

Adaptive Mobility is a modular format with the plan cost, device cost, and other service costs stripped back and transparent.

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