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Telstra Adaptive Mobility 2.0 - all you need to know

Telstra Adaptive Mobility 2.0 - all you need to know

24 Feb 2023

Telstra has upgraded its enterprise and business mobile plans to Telstra Adaptive Mobility 2.0. How do they differ from the original Adaptive Mobility plans?

Why has Telstra launched Adaptive Mobility 2.0?

Telstra launched its Adaptive Mobility plans for enterprise and business customer in mid-2020 promising no-lock-in contracts and month-to-month plan flexibility.

This was a major departure from tradition for the carrier who had traditionally locked its business customers into 24-month or 36-month contract terms.

It was also a first for the market where consumer and small business customers had enjoyed no lock-in contracts for some years but enterprise and business did not enjoy the same flexibility.

The move was well received by customers who in the midst of the pandemic had accelerated their shift to cloud-based services and were looking for agility and scalability. 

However, now 36 months on, Telstra has made some adjustments to its mobile plan construct - internally dubbed Adaptive Mobility 2.0

The changes reflect 

  1. customer demand for greater data allowances, and a desire to share data across services
  2. the aversion to 'speed caps' when data allowances are reached
  3. the resumption of international travel and customers looking to manage their roaming costs 
  4. the rapid adoption of wearables especially smart watches
  5. demand for an higher value executive distributed working plan
  6. the demand for Telstra partner managed services

What has changed?

  • Increased Data Allowances

Across the board the data allowance for all Adaptive Mobility plans has increased by between 10-30GB per month. 

  • Speed Caps Removed

The unpopular speed caps have largely become redundant as data sharing has been introduced, however when the total shared data pool has been used, speeds will be capped at 1.5Mbps for the remainder of the billing period. A fair play policy of 300GB limit per service applies from May 2023.  there are no speed caps on Enterprise Wireless plans however, an Auto Data Top-Up will be triggered when the total shared data pool is used.

  • Data Sharing Added

Data is now able to be shared across Adaptive Mobility and Adaptive Mobile Broadband plans on the same Telstra account. Enterprise Wireless plans can also share data but only with other Enterprise Wireless plans and not with mobility plans. There are two new Enterprise Wireless Auto Data Top Up plans.

  • International Calls and SMS

With the Enhanced plans a Basic Pack includes unlimited calls and SMS to 23 countries. With the Epic and Executive plans this is expanded to all countries. 

  • International Roaming

The Executive plan includes a 4GB 40-day International Roaming pack. Other Adaptive Mobility plans have a default daily pass or an optional add-on monthly pass applied to each service.

  • New Executive Plan tier

A top-tier Executive Plan has been added to the Adaptive Mobility plan schedule. 

  • Telstra Partner Managed Service Credit

The Enhanced, Epic and Executive plans all attract a commercial rebate when $10 of Managed services is taken up with a Telstra partner. The rebate varies from $5 to $15 per service dependent on the eligible plan.

  • Enterprise Wireless Enhanced Plan discontinued

This $30 monthly plan has been discontinued and all services moved to the $20 Non-Shared Essential Plan.

  • Pricing
The monthly Adaptive Mobility Mobile plan fees have changed with the Enhanced Plan dropping by $2, while the Essentials and Epic plans have increased by $3 and $5 respectively.  The monthly Adaptive Mobility Mobile Broadband plan fees have increased by between $3-$10. The monthly Enterprise Wireless plan fees are unchanged.


What are the Adaptive Mobility 2.0 plans?

There are three types of plans under the Adaptive Mobility construct - Mobile, Mobile Broadband, and Enterprise Wireless. 

1. Adaptive Mobile

These plans are for smartphones and feature phones.

Adaptive Mobility 2.0 features Mobile plans

2. Adaptive Mobile Broadband Plans

These plans are for laptops, tablets, dongles and personal modems. 

Adaptive Mobility 2.0 features MBB plans

3. Adaptive Enterprise Wireless Plans

These plans are for non-personal routers. Account level Auto Data Top Up is mandatory.

Adaptive Mobility 2.0 features EW + top upplans


Introducing the new Adaptive Mobile Executive Plan

Adaptive Mobility 2.0 introduces a new top-tier Executive plan.

This plan is aimed at senior executives who have a hybrid work environment requiring a greater data allowance, international communication, and international roaming. 

Adaptive Mobile Executive plan summary


How to earn a Managed Service credit 

A key benefit of Adaptive Mobility 2.0 is select mobile plans earn a credit towards a Managed Service provided by Telstra or accredited Telstra Partners like MobileCorp. 

The Mobile Enhanced plan earns a $5 per service credit, Mobile Epic earns $10 per service credit, and the Mobile Executive earns $15 per service credit. 

These credits can offset a Managed Service which is valued at $10 or more per service per month. 

MobileCorp provides a range of managed services for Telstra customers which are eligible for the Adaptive Mobility Managed Service credit.

MobileCorp Managed Services provide superior security, support, cost control, collaboration or connectivity.  

MobileCorp Managed Services Adaptive Mobility blog 2023



What are the Adaptive Mobility Add-Ons?

Adaptive Mobility is designed to be flexible and responsive to changing customer needs. Modular services can be added to any Adaptive Mobility plan including.

  • Voice2Text
Voice2Text replaces your voice mail notifications and any other voice mail or messaging service you may have. Each voice message forms into a text message, that will be accessible on your mobile device. Read messages discreetly at meetings or noisy locations. SMS message notifications save you from dialing 101 to access your voice messages.

  • International Roaming Pass

Telstra’s International Roaming Day and Month Pass simplifies business travel for all kinds of corporate travellers – from frequent flyers to occasional visitors, to people who go to the same places regularly.  As a default service, the 24-hour international roaming day pass will be activated automatically on Adaptive Mobility Mobile plans once in an eligible country. The Executive Plan also has the option of a month pass which needs to be activated manually. 

  • Telstra One Number

Share your mobile number with your compatible smart watch so you can talk, text and stay connected while you're on the go.   One low fee of $5 a month with data charged at your mobile phone plan rate. Your Telstra One Number subscription is month-to-month, so if you change your mind you can cancel with no obligation. Telstra One Number can be added to any Adaptive Mobility Mobile Plan with a compatible mobile device.


Should your business move to Telstra Adaptive Mobility 2.0?

If your business was on the first round of Adaptive Mobility plans, you have already been moved to Adaptive Mobility 2.0. The change to pricing and features was applied to your services automatically by Telstra on 12 December 2022. 

If you are currently on a legacy mobile business plan, you will need to weigh up the commercial, productivity, security, and service inclusions with your existing plan and compare these to the Adaptive Mobility alternative.

MobileCorp assists Telstra customers to complete this comparison and negotiate with Telstra. It is worth noting that even though Adaptive Mobility plans are month-to-month with no lock-in contract, some enterprises choose to commit to a fixed term. This can bring additional benefits and special pricing that MobileCorp can access. 

Contact MobileCorp to discuss your Adaptive Mobility 2.0 options on 1800 243 252.


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