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What is Enterprise Wireless ?

Enterprise Wireless is an enterprise-class solution delivering a wireless broadband connection with intelligent traffic routing and cloud management.

Enterprise wireless is now a viable alternative to a wired link in many locations across Australia.  Its key benefits are speed to deployment, portability, network agility, and availability where wires don't reach.

Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G duality in Cradlepoint routers allow both connections to pass traffic simultaneously and ensures seamless connectivity as the 5G network continues to build out.

MobileCorp's Enterprise Wireless solution is powered by Cradlepoint, and features end-to-end deployment and cloud-management.

Enterprise Wireless Use Cases

EEW Use case  new site

New Site Connection

Enterprise customers setting up new retail branches, warehouses and other sites requiring a secure, reliable connection which can be provisioned faster than a suitable fixed access solution.

EEW Use case  new site WAN

Traffic Prioritisation

Customers with both fixed and wireless links can utilise Enterprise Wireless in an active/active routing/SDWAN setup as a means to distribute traffic / load balancing.

EEW Use case  branch

Network Resilience

Enterprises wanting to complement an existing fixed connection in an active/active setup to provide more resilience, being confident that the full load of that site can be carried for extended periods. E.g. enterprise retail, wholesale suppliers, logistics, hospitals.

EEW Use case semi-temporary sites

Temporary sites

Enterprise customers requiring a secure reliable connection for temporary or pop-up sites. E.g. construction huts , retail kiosks. event venues.

Why Enterprise Wireless ?

Accelerated deployment

“Its taking too long for my fixed line infrastructure to be deployed for my business”
Typically it takes 2-6 months to secure a fixed connection. Enterprise Wireless provides rapid deployment, completed in days, not months.
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Failover and Redundancy

“When I have a data outage, my business is out of action and I am losing customers and revenue”
 Having a second wired link, often running along the same physical path as the primary link is risky. Wireless provides a viable access alternative.
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Agile and Scalable

“I do not want to subscribe to fixed data lines as I have temporary requirement for broadband.”

In today's world, business needs to be agile and able to scale at speed. Enhanced Enterprise Wireless is a casual month-to-month model. 

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5G Enhancements

“I have a need to stay competitive and provide a point of difference against my competitors”

Enhanced Enterprise Wireless guarantees reliable and consistent experiences for running business critical applications with the option for traffic routing and load balancing.

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How much does Enterprise Wireless cost ?

Every site is unique and the investment will differ dependent on the characteristics of each location. However, the typical costs associated with an Enterprise Wireless Cradlepoint solution include:

1. Site Feasibility Assessment

A technician will attend the site to test the viability of the mobile signal at the location, quantifying any line-of-sight barriers, and determining whether an external antenna will be required. The technician will also prepare a bill of materials itemising hardware required and and providing an installation quotation. For most urban and regional sites, the cost of this service is $350 incGST.  Remote locations will likely attract a higher fee.

2. Hardware 

These typically include a Cradlepoint LTE/5G router or 5G adapter with 1, 3 or 5 year licensing subscription; external directional antenna if required, installation fittings, and cabling. These costs generally range from $3,000-$5,000.

3. Device Configuration

MobileCorp engineers will configure the Cradlepoint router/adapter and set up a NetCloud instance before shipping the device to site. The fee for this professional service is $390.

4. Installation

This cost is very dependent on the characteristics of each site and will usually range upwards from $4,000. Pricing variables include

  • where the router/adapter will be installed. This is most often on the roofline and accessibility to the roof can impact costs if  a cherry picker is required.
  • the distance from the router/adapter to the comms room. This will determine cabling and labour costs.
  • site accessibility and whether the work can be completed during business hours. This will impact labour costs.
  • any heritage listing which may impact where the hardware can be installed and may impact labour costs.

5. Enterprise Wireless carriage service

Cradlepoint devices have dual SIM functionality. Telstra Enterprise Wireless plans provide shared data with an Epic plan as one example providing 50G of data  at a cost of $50 per month. Add-on top up data packs are available up to 3,000GB.

6. Cloud Management

MobileCorp offers an Enterprise Wireless managed service which includes a Sydney-based Technical Service Desk with automated ticketing systems and SLAs, 24/7 monitoring and alerts, remote out-of-band device management and troubleshooting, device hot swap program, and licensing management. The cost of this managed service is $190 per month, per device. Flexible pricing is available for Government and NFPs.

How Enterprise Wireless works

5g Feasibility 1-1

Site Feasibility

We will confirm LTE/5G signal is available at the location and provide an estimate of onsite hardware and installation costs.  

5g Feasibility 2-1

Install hardware

We will get your site installed and ensure that you have the right connectivity for your business requirements.

5g Feasibility 3-1

Carrier provisioning

We will connect you to the 5G network activating your SIM cards and provisioning with your choice of plan. Many Cradlepoint devices support dual SIMs.

5g Feasibility 4-1

Managed Service

MobileCorp provides business continuity 'peace of mind' with 24/7 monitoring and alerts, technical support desk, Cradlepoint device management and Telstra carriage management.

Key Features of Enterprise Wireless

Cradlepoint 5G icon

Dual Connectivity

Dual SIMs means both an LTE and 5G connection are supported at the same time, allowing both connections to pass traffic simultaneously  ensuring seamless connectivity.

w2005 front and back

5G Native Hardware

Cradlepoint offers a range of industry-leading 5G embedded routers or 5G Wideband Adapters. Ask us which device is fit for your purpose.


Cloud Management

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager provides full visibility of connectivity and device/network performance. 

netcloud logo

Robust Security

Cradlepoint devices have native security baked in, while NetCloud manager, hosted in AWS, is a control-plane solution and customer data that traverses Cradlepoint endpoints is never sent to the cloud. 

Is  Enterprise Wireless the right solution for you?

Let's find out.

Discover whether  Enterprise Wireless is  the right solution for your business location and use case.

MobileCorp assists Australian organisations to understand how to utilise 5G and an Enterprise Wireless solution to gain a commercial and competitive advantage.

Leverage our knowledge as one of Australia's leading 5G MSPs and the Cradlepoint APAC Growth Partner of the Year.

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MobileCorp Enterprise Wireless Managed Service 

MobileCorp's Enterprise Wireless Managed Service is the best in APAC and includes:

  • 5G site feasibility qualification
  • On-site installation 
  • Cradlepoint hardware and licensing procurement
  • Cradlepoint device configuration
  • NetCloud instance build and ongoing management of Cradlepoint device and network connectivity
  • 24/7 network performance monitoring
  • Network connectivity alerts and issue resolution
  • Cradlepoint device remote troubleshooting and out-of-band management 
  • Technical support helpdesk
  • Cradlepoint device hot swap program
  • Monthly reporting
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