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Cloud Infrastructure Audit

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What is a cloud infrastructure audit?

MobileCorp cloud infrastructure audit is an examination of a cloud computing instance to determine design and operational effectiveness, and to mitigate risk.

It will involve inquiry, physical inspection, observation, confirmation and analytics procedures. 

Goals of a Cloud Infrastructure Audit?

The primary goals of a cloud infrastructure audit are to determine if the information system and its maintainers are:

  • meeting legal expectations around protection of customer data
  • protecting the company against security threats
  • contributing towards business goals and objectives
  • positioned to meet future business needs

Outcomes of a Cloud Infrastructure Audit?

The audit will form an opinion over the design and operational effectiveness of controls in the following areas:

  • communication
  • security incidents
  • network security
  • logical and physical access
  • system operations
  • system development or change management
  • risk management
  • data management
  • vulnerability and remediation management
  • organisational adoption and compliance

This body of work can be completed by an in-house resource but there are obvious advantages of objectivity and credibility when an independent third-party is engaged.


MobileCorp Cloud Infrastructure Audit 

A MobileCorp cloud audit will:

  • collect information on the organisation’s cloud-based information systems, practices, policies and operations
  • provide a detailed assessment of the current infrastructure design and its ability to meet business objectives
  • critically analyse the information for compliance, threats, or opportunities for process improvement
  • provide audit documentation highlighting opportunities and threats, and presenting recommendations for consideration

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