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Solution Architecture

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What is IT Solution Architecture?

IT Solution Architecture  is the  process which matches business value and goals with the technology that will deliver them.

Solution architecture is business-value focussed, rather than just IT solution driven. It combines an understanding of the business drivers and business objectives with the specialist technical knowledge of potential IT products and technologies that will deliver to those objectives.

MobileCorp Solution Architecture Services

MobileCorp offers the following solution architecture services:

  • solution architecture assessments
  • solution and product evaluations
  • architecture roadmaps
  • architecture framework and tools
  • solution implementation and project management

MobileCorp has experienced solution architects in our Managed ICT team. They specialise in Mobility, Networks and Cloud-based solution design.

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MobileCorp Solution Architecture Case Studies

Examples of MobileCorp solution architecture projects include:

  • Ticketek: Network design and migration from MPLS to NBN and SD-WAN with cellular broadband failover and ongoing management
  • Marine Rescue NSW: A communications network upgrade with NBN, cellular failover, and Telstra LANES or ROIP, with Cradlepoint routers and NetCloud management
  • TNT Express: IoT solution to automate M2M connectivity of barcode scanners
  • Advanced Buildings: delivering connectivity to a remote construction site
  • Coates Hire: delivering connectivity to compromised Darwin office building
  • Element14: network upgrade to Business SIP to avoid ISDN disconnection

MobileCorp’s 8-steps to successful Solution Architecture

MobileCorp solution architects follow a tried and test best practice process to deliver effective architecture design and implementation.

The 8-step plan covers:

Step 1. Engagementicon

Engaging with the key stakeholders and defining all the objectives from across the business will set the scene for a successful outcome.

Step 2. Business Caseicon

Understanding the business drivers, the expected outcomes and benefits, and being able to justify costs and the decision-making will all be captured by the Business Case documentation.

Step3. Return on Investmenticon

Being able to articulate a clear return on investment will enable the business to determine the project budget. When MobileCorp moved Ticketek from an MPLS network to NBN with cellular broadband failover, the business banked savings of $250,000 in the first year. 

Step 4. Evaluationicon

There will always be a range of possible solutions and potential technologies to evaluate to determine which is the most fit-for-purpose and value.

Step 5. Integrationicon

Integration with legacy or planned infrastructure is an important element to avoid business disruption and future-proof the solution.

Step 6. Designicon

Designing an optimal solution using our specialist solution architects and obtaining buy-in for the design from all stakeholders.

Step 7.Proof of Concepticon

Creation of a solution prototype or Proof of Concept can be a sensible pre-execution step to trial or test the technology. This step will not always be required.

Step 8. Communicationicon

Liaison with Stakeholders throughout the execution of the design. Ensuring everyone is aligned and expectations are met.

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