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Coates Hire

Delivering reliable mobile coverage to compromised Darwin office

12 Oct 2022


When a new high-rise building was constructed nearby, the mobile connectivity at the Coates Hire office in Darwin was degraded. MobileCorp got the company back in business with an In-Building Connectivity (IBC) solution.

Coates Hire is Australia’s largest equipment rental company with branches in over 150 locations Australia-wide, 1800+ employees, and over 1 million pieces of equipment across 21 categories.

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The construction of a high-rise building between the Coates Hire Darwin office and the nearest Telstra 4G cell tower caused a sudden degradation of mobile service at the site. 

 Poor voice quality and regular dropouts were frustrating for employees and having serious consequences for business continuity.



MobileCorp Managed ICT team organised a technician to attend on-site and investigate the issue. He would also determine the position of the strongest 4G signal to the building. 

 A Telstra Cel-Fi GO repeater station was installed and cabled to a Yagi antenna on the roof. The Cel-Fi GO repeater, originally designed for in-vehicle use, is widely utilised across remote and regional Australia to boost reception from distant towers.


  • Reliable mobile voice and data connectivity: Using an antenna and repeater station that is more commonly seen in remote Outback Australia, Coates were back in business. 
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction: No more frustrating call drop outs. 
  • Enhanced productivity because it can be difficult to work without reliable mobile connectivity!

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