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Reliable in-building 4G LTE coverage for new Xylem warehouse and office

29 Jun 2023


Xylem's brand new warehouse and office complex at Kemps Creek, Sydney, was provided with an In-Building Coverage (IBC) solution that delivered reliable 4G voice signal across the site, enabling collaboration and boosting productivity.

Xylem is a global water technology provider with a mission to solve water challenges through the power of technology and expertise.

Xylem Australia is headquartered in a new state-of-the-art warehouse and office complex in Kemp's Creek on Sydney's urban fringe.

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Size of Indoor facility and Fresnel Zone Barriers 

The new Xylem warehouse at Kemps Creek is 10,000sqft. It extends below ground with a pit for immersive water pump testing. At ground level it contains specialised bays for water pump maintenance and painting, and it has stacking racks soaring to a raised ceiling. The building boasts state-of-the-art fittings to support Xylem's operations providing advanced wastewater and water solutions to industry. 

The walls and roof of the warehouse are steel which is a building material that is not conducive to radio wave penetration. Even a strong mobile signal outdoors would struggle to be accessed indoors in this instance.

Urban fringe location

Like many large warehouses built on the outskirts of Sydney, the mobile coverage indoors was unworkable. Even outdoors, underneath the delivery bay roof awning, the reception was unreliable.

The two-storey office situated alongside the warehouse also experienced unstable indoor mobile coverage.

This poor voice quality and regular dropouts were frustrating for employees and impacted business productivity and collaboration.

Xylem ANZ - Kemps Creek (1)Image: Xylem, Kemps Creek NSW

site of new xylem warehouse prior to constructionImage: Site of Xylem warehouse prior to construction. Credit: Google Maps




MobileCorp has proven experience with IBC solutions in the Kemps Creek and Badgerys Creek area on the outskirts of Sydney.

We had already deployed a solution for the CHEP warehouse nearby, and also deployed a 4G Cradlepoint edge solution for a construction company at the Western Sydney Airport site.

On-Site Assessment

Our certified radio engineers attended the Xylem site to investigate the mobile coverage issue.

Accessing the roofline, they tested the signal strength from two Telstra mobile towers in the vicinity. They plotted the positioning of external antenna across the roof space to acquire the optimal 4G signal to the site.

Interior of warehouse Xylem


CEL-FI GO G41 Voice Deployment

To obtain optimal coverage across the building, MobileCorp technicians installed a CEL-FI GO smart In-Building Coverage solution.

Seven RFI Wideband 8-12 dBi 3G+4G+4GLTE+5G LPDA antenna in the 700-3800MHz spectrums, were installed at intervals across the roof of the warehouse, office, and awning.

Seven CEL-FI GO G41 smart signal repeaters were then installed each with two wall-mounted directional panel antennas.

Four of the CEL-FI devices were installed in the warehouse, one under the warehouse awning and two in the office building being one on each level.

The 4G and 5G signal comes from a Telstra tower 1.6km from site.

xylem celfi repeater

CEL-FI directional panel antenna on wall of the warehouse




The Xylem premises now has viable mobile connectivity across the site, in the warehouse, offices and outdoors under the roof awning. 

  • Reliable mobile voice and data connectivity
  • Enhanced workplace safety 
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced productivity


xylem wallis and asifImage: Xylem Procurement Lead, Wallis Whareaitu (l),
with MobileCorp Account Executive, Asif Mahmud at the Xylem warehouse opening event.


"No one wants to be thinking about their mobile connection. It just needs to work.

"The new Xylem warehouse now has mobile voice coverage that meets all of our workplace productivity and safety needs thanks to MobileCorp's in-building solution."

Wallis Whareaitu
Xylem Procurement Lead,


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