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How to generate funds and advance sustainability with mobile device buyback

16 Mar 2023

MobileCorp customers are generating thousands of dollars in resale value and also meeting environmental, sustainability, and social responsibility targets, all by selling their old devices to the Telstra-approved Moorup buyback program.


In this past month MobileCorp has assisted two of our corporate customers to realise $30,000 and $50,000 respectively in resale value by selling their used mobile phones to our approved Device Buyback Partner, Moorup.

MobileCorp encourages all our corporate customers to utilise the Buy-back Program which delivers a commercial benefit back to their business but also allows safe, ethical disposal of devices which might otherwise end up as e-waste.

Moorup is the lead partner for MobileCorp's buy-back program. They do all the heavy lifting and project manage the device retrieval, erasure, assessment and payment including applying Telstra credit if required.

The MobileCorp buyback program is a key inclusion in MobileCorp's 7-point Sustainability Policy which supports the philosophy of the Circular Economy.

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How the Mobile Device Buyback Program works?

We know that buyback programs have to be easy for customers so MobileCorp and Moorup do all the heavy lifting on this one.

There is a simple three-step process to follow which is expressed as Quote, Collection and Credit.

Step 1. You provide a  list of devices that you wish to offer for buyback. Moorup will provide you a preliminary quote, sight unseen, at this stage. 

Stage 2. You collect your devices and prepare them for collection by Moorup. Custom collection boxes are provided at no cost.

Collection boxesCollection boxes for iPads and iPhones

Stage 3: Moorup retrieves the devices and assess them against clear criteria that is shared with you. Devices have all data securely erased. A final bill of sale along with recycling and erasure certificates are provided. 


What are the benefits of the BuyBack Program to you?

  • Capture Residual Value: Extract the value of hardware and used devices, that have traditionally stayed in drawers or have been gifted by the employee to family and friends. Sell your end-of-life assets and credit your Telstra Mobile Accoun for the value
  • Reduce Mobile Fleet Refresh Costs: offset some of your future Telecommunication expense by using the value of your buybacks
  • Achieve Corporate Sustainability Outcomes: Be more environmentally responsible. Reduce e-waste impact on the planet
  • Reduce Security Risk: Secure hardware erasure processes reduce your security risk of randomly stored devices or those given to employee’s families and friends
  • No Additional Cost: Pricing includes custom collection boxes, collection, data erasure and responsible recycling


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What is secure device erasure ?

All corporate devices collected by Moorup have the data erased by Blancco Technologies.

  • Best-in-class Enterprise & Government Grade Secure Data Erasure is delivered by Blancco
  • Compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 14000, NIST 800-88 (Clear and Purge), HIPAA, GDPR, and many more global regulations and standards.
  • Cryptographic Erasure (and/or Aperiodic random overwrite as the secondary erasure protocol), as base erasure standards (included in our Buy Back Pricing).
  • Up to 15 different global mobile erasure standards applied utilising different erasure algorithms, with varying number of wipes.
  • All erasures are verified and certified and you are provided with a summary certificate of erasure.

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Who are MobileCorp's Buyback partners ?


moorup logo

Moorup's mission is to extend the lives of electronic devices, helping bring connectivity to unconnected consumers in Australia and overseas. We donate some of our refurbished devices to various charity groups. These include women in remote towns who are without access to mobile phones to seek emergency assistance. Or those people in need, such as domestic violence victims or elderly, providing them with the means to connect with family, friends and essential services.

The word moorup means life in the local Woiwurrung language of Melbourne’s First Nations people. Our friends at the Wurundjeri Tribe Council have granted use of this sacred word for our company as we seek to provide global solutions for smartphone repurpose and reuse.


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  • Devices which are beyond economic repair are responsibly recycled at no cost
  • Disassembly is completed by local Australian resources with 99% of the materials recovered and recycled to the R2 Responsible Recycling Standard
  • Moorup provides a summary Certificate of Recycling and their environmental benefit after each buyback


Closing the Loop logo

  • CTL ensures refurbished devices that are sold on are not contributing to the global e-waste problem
  • CTL takes one discarded phone out of a developing country for every device we sell there. These devices are responsibly recycled.
  • Devices are donated to needy communities and social projects.

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Why does MobileCorp support a Circular Economy?

In a circular economy, resources are kept in use for as long as possible to extract their maximum value. At end of life resources such as mobile devices are then recovered and recycled, or refurbished and resold.

A circular economy is an opposing alternative to the traditional linear economy of ‘make, use, dispose.’

"In this industry we have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to our community and our planet. We encourage all MobileCorp customers to utilise the Buy-back Program which delivers a commercial benefit back to their business but also allows safe, ethical disposal of devices which might otherwise end up as e-waste." 

MobileCorp managing director, Stephen Aravopoulos.

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