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IoT solution automates M2M connectivity of TNT barcode scanners

12 Oct 2022


An M2M solution using Cisco Jasper SIMs in 3,000 handheld scanners allowed automated connectivity management resulting in significant cost savings for TNT.

TNT Express is an international courier delivery services company, founded in Australia, with operations in over 60 countries. TNT Express Australia has 44 depots nationwide and 5,000 employees.

Sites: 40
End Users: 3,000 


To assist field staff tracking shipments Australia-wide, TNT Express procured 3,000 handheld scanners – IoT machines.

TNT wanted an automated connectivity management solution which would allow SIMs to be deactivated when the devices were not in use. 

They also required a reliable connectivity solution so that scanner data could be uploaded quickly to the TNT network across Australia.

Visibility of device connectivity and notification of abnormal use or device failure was also required.



MobileCorp developed a solution utilising Telstra’s cloud-based M2M Control Centre and Telstra Jasper IoT SIMs. The solution allowed:

  • automated activation and deactivation of SIMs
  • near real-time connectivity status and diagnostics
  • review of connection session history
  • automated rule programming to control data usage
  • pinpoint location of devices
  • setting of business rules and customised alerts for abnormal activity or device failure

The carrier provisioning and installation of Jasper SIM cards into 3,000 handheld scanning devices was completed by the MobileCorp mobile managed services team in just under one week.

Based at the TNT Enfield depot, MobileCorp specialist technicians opened each device, inserted Jasper SIM cards, activated the SIMs with MobileCorp’s service desk, and tested the device connectivity, before distribution to depots around the country.



  • Cost savings: Jasper IoT data plans are low cost comparative to voice/data mobile plans as fees are only applied when the device is connected. The M2M Control Centre provided the ability to automatically deactivate the Jasper SIM when the device was not in use delivering cost savings. 
  • Savings in data usage: Automated rule programming triggered an alert when data usage hit a threshold allowing preventative action. 
  • Visibility of devices: Using the Location Service feature, TNT can monitor and locate the position of M2M devices minimising theft or fraudulent use. 
  • Advanced analytics: A web-based platform provides one touch point for near real-time status and diagnostics; and detailed reporting for strategic insights.
  • Speed of deployment: Outsourcing the project to MobileCorp ensured the entire project was completed in under a week with benefits for productivity, and relieving the internal IT team from the workload.

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