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Sydney call centre upgrade from legacy ISDN to Telstra Business SIP

12 Oct 2022


Element14 was transitioned from legacy ISDN infrastructure to a SIP solution which delivered high speed internet with guaranteed QoS and scalability.

Element14 is a high-service distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair with operations in Europe, US and Asia Pacific regions.

To keep pace with changing technology, their engineers actively identify and source innovative niche manufacturers for today’s most in-demand application areas. The contact centre is critical to the company’s distribution business. 

Sites: 1
ISDN lines: 30


Enforced disconnection of the ISDN network by Telstra began on 31 September 2019.

Element14’s call centre, based in Chester Hill NSW, is a critical part of its business infrastructure fielding orders from across Australia. The internal IT team was faced with the challenge of auditing its 8-year-old IP network and selecting a new technology that would meet its business goals. 

After determining a replacement technology, Element14 would then need to migrate off ISDN without any downtime or business disruption. 

The business wanted to act swiftly to avoid being caught in the bottleneck of premises needing new or relocated Telstra lines.



MobileCorp audited the existing infrastructure and proposed a transition from ISDN to Telstra Business SIP. 

SIP would not only future-proof the Sydney data centre, it would also allow the adoption of unified communications tools.

After collaborating with the UK and Singapore Offices for project approval, all ISDN 30 lines were migrated to a Telstra Business SIP solution with an Ethernet MAN Single Uplink.

The SIP solution offered high speed data connectivity, scalable bandwidth, and redundancy options.

MobileCorp projected managed the migration to pre-empt ISDN disconnection. We coordinated onsite technicians and cabling work, and executed the cut over to SIP with minimal disruption and downtime.



  • Pre-empting ISDN cut-off: ISDN lines are being forcibly disconnected by Telstra in line with the NBN rollout. Taking action ahead of the disconnection deadline meant Element14 would avoid NBN service bottlenecks and protect connectivity. 
  • High speed data connectivity and scalable bandwidth: A SIP solution offers significant benefits over ISDN technology. Element14 can scale its ports and bandwidth to reflect business peaks and troughs. Guaranteed quality of service protects high speed connectivity.
  • Redundancy options to protect connectivity: Choosing a Telstra SIP solution means Element14 has the assurance of utilising the Telstra mobile network as failover should there be an outage on the fixed network.

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