MobileCorp awarded Cradlepoint 5G for Enterprise Branch specialisation

Posted by Michelle Lewis on May 6, 2021

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MobileCorp has been awarded the '5G for Enterprise Branch' specialisation status from Cradlepoint.


MobileCorp CTO, Phill McSherry (pictured) displays the '5G for Enterprise Branch' award in the MobileCorp Sydney office.

Cradlepoint introduced the specialism in early 2021 to recognise partners who had demonstrated the knowledge and capability to deliver Cradlepoint 5G Branch solutions. 


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What is the Cradlepoint 5G for Enterprise Branch solution?

Solution capabilities include

  • combining 4G, Gigabit-class LTE, and 5G in a single wireless WAN
  • supporting all 5G spectrums across all carriers
  • interoperating with existing customer SD-WAN and router infrastructures
  • simplifying the entire network management lifecycle with NetCloud

By combining the Cradlepoint NetCloudTM platform and its enterprise grade 5G modems and antenna systems, Cradlepoint has been first to market with a legitimate 5G branch solution.


When to consider a 5G Enterprise Branch solution ?

The 5G network is fast rolling out across the Australian seaboard and major urban centres. More than 75 percent of the population will have access to the Telstra 5G network by June 2021. Meanwhile we have seen 5G speeds in Sydney and other Australian capital cities surge to more than 10000 Mbps download in the first months of 2021. 

It seems sensible that any new branch network solution take advantage of this new technology that promises so many opportunities for future growth. 

In most cases an organisation will be considering a 5G wireless branch network for one of three key use cases - as a primary link, for augmented bandwidth, and/or as a failover link.


icon branch network  Primary Wireless

In many cases, Gigabit-class LTE - branded 4GX by Telstra in Australia - delivers the fast speeds and low latency necessary for organisations to use wireless for their primary and backup links. However, where 5G is available, it will rival fibre speeds while providing tremendous flexibility and operational simplicity.


icon cloud bandwidth  Augmented Bandwidth

Businesses and organisations that require greater bandwidth and WAN link diversity are using Gigabit-class LTE - or 5G if available - as an active link. As organisations gain greater confidence in Wireless WANs, they can consider cutting the cord entirely.


icon no connection   Failover Wireless

Organisations that require high availability should consider 4G or Gigabit-class LTE failover for small to medium sites. Or, if available, 5G for failover at medium to large sites. This step helps build the Wireless WAN expertise that is necessary to use wireless as an active link or to go all wireless.


What does a '5G for Enterprise Branch' solution look like?

5G Enterprise branch networking - as the label implies - is most obviously applicable in the situation of a satellite branch location. However, perhaps a little less obviously, 5G branch networking could also look like  

  • a pop-up store
  • a 'store within a store' in a retail setting e.g. zero trust networking
  • guest wireless access
  • day 1 connectivity for temporary, or virgin locations

Features of a Cradlepoint 5G for Enterprise branch solution include

  • Optimise 5G and SDWAN Cradlepoint SD-WAN is built for a wireless, cloud-first world with a focus on non-disruptive insertion and massive scale. 
  • Connect with Enterprise Class Cellular Leverage solutions with advanced modem modules, proprietary software, and support for Australian carriers, to unlock the power of Gigabit-class LTE and 5G.
  • Secure critical information All-in-one solutions that have integrated security including app-based control, firewall, threat detection, content filtering, and access to cloud-based security.
  • Central Cloud Management Get your branches connected without truck rolls or on-site IT professionals. Centrally define global policies and monitor the network and applications.

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Cradlepoint is taking off in Australia

In September last year, as we came out of lockdown in Australia, Ericsson took the global industry by surprise with a sudden global acquisition of Cradlepoint. The purchase came just as the wireless WAN and 5G edge vendor was starting to make significant waves in the Australian market.

However, the acquisition, if anything. has further strengthened Cradlepoint's positioning. Between them, the two companies now lay claim to being "the new unparalleled leader in 5G - from carrier core to enterprise edge."

Cradlepoint has demonstrated a strong commitment to the APAC region with one of its two international offices based in Melbourne; and additional growth of the APAC headcount in 2021.

The American-based company has also secured a progressive product partnership with Telstra launching the Telstra  Enterprise Wireless solution.


Introduction to Cradlepoint with MobileCorp


MobileCorp is a Cradlepoint Elite Partner


Being a Cradlepoint Elite Partner means Cradlepoint has recognised MobileCorp as having technical capability and solution architecture expertise to lead Australian enterprises down the pathway to 5G.

We offer Cradlepoint network solutions and a managed service which is carrier agnostic and includes:

  • network solution architecture
  • hardware procurement or leasing
  • router configuration and deployment
  • NetCloud portal configuration
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and links
  • level 2 service desk including:
    • fault diagnosis and resolution
    • remote equipment diagnostic and reprogramming
    • phone support 
    • response and restoration targets
  • priority replacement program for hardware
  • device retrieval/redeployment program for security of hardware
  • monthly reporting
  • Telstra customers may have hardware and managed service fees charged against the monthly Telstra bill


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About MobileCorp

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We provide Managed Mobility Services, Enterprise Mobility Management, Complex Data and IP Networks, and Unified Communication solutions. We have a proven track record providing managed services for Australian enterprise and business, and are a Telstra Platinum Partner.

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