MobileCorp selected as the Telstra Partner to deliver new Telstra 5G Wireless solution

Posted by Michelle Lewis on October 12, 2021

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MobileCorp has been chosen as the only Telstra Partner to provide deployment and management of the new Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution.

This selection comes on the back of MobileCorp's deep investment in Telstra 5G, being at the forefront of deploying some of Australia's first Telstra-Cradlepoint wireless edge networks including for Marine Rescue NSW and Ticketek. 

MobileCorp has been selected as the only Telstra Partner to provide the 5G site assessment, onsite hardware installation, and ongoing managed service for the new Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution.


What is the Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution?

Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless is Telstra's first 5G enterprise class wireless solution offering guaranteed 5G network uptime, and a full service bundle n expert managed service.

The key features of Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless are

  • guaranteed 99.9% Telstra 5G network uptime SLA, with custom portal for connectivity performance visibility
  • an enterprise-class Cradlepoint W2005 5G wideband outdoor adapter
  • a Telstra-accredited external antenna
  • a Managed Service delivered by Telstra partner, MobileCorp, covering site feasibility assessment, onsite hardware  installation, 24/7 monitoring and technical support, and ongoing cloud management.

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What is the Telstra 5G managed service powered by MobileCorp?

MobileCorp is the only Telstra Partner selected to provide the 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless managed service.

Telstra chose MobileCorp to provide project management, deployment, and an ongoing network managed service because we have demonstrated knowledge and capability in delivering enterprise wireless solutions in the Australian market, Case Study; Marine Rescue NSW

MobileCorp is also the only Telstra partner to be a Cradlepoint Elite Partner, and was named the Cradlepoint APAC Growth partner of the year for 2020. 

The Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless Managed Service, fulfilled by MobileCorp, includes:

  • 5G site feasibility qualification
  • On-site hardware installation 
  • Cradlepoint subscription licensing
  • Cradlepoint W2005 procurement and configuration
  • Cradlepoint NetCloud instance build and portal set-up
  • 24/7 network performance monitoring
  • Network connectivity alerts and issue resolution
  • Cradlepoint device remote troubleshooting and out-of-band management 
  • Technical support helpdesk
  • Planned Telstra network outage notifications
  • Cradlepoint device hot swap program
  • Monthly reporting

Enhanced Enterprise Wireless on the MobileCorp website

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Why MobileCorp was chosen as the 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless MSP

MobileCorp holds the highest Telstra Partner accreditation for Mobility - Platinum; and has worked closely with Telstra over the past few months to develop the 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless managed service. 

MobileCorp is also the only Telstra Partner to be a Cradlepoint Elite Partner and Cradlepoint 5G for Enterprise MSP. The Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution utilises the Cradlepoint W2005 Wideband Adapter as the 5G gateway device. 


How Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless works

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Step 1. Complete a 5G Site Feasibility Assessment 

Telstra will determine the eligibility of each site location completing a desktop and on-site service qualification.


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Step 2. Installation of Cradlepoint Adapter and External Antenna

A Cradlepoint Wideband Outdoor Adapter and external Antenna will be installed onsite ensuring the strongest 5G signal. The Cradlepoint W2005 acts as a 5G gateway and will be connected by ethernet to your existing network router - or to an upgraded Cradlepoint router.  


EEW step 3 - connect to Telstra 5g 200px

Step 3. Connect to the Telstra 5G Network with Epic plan

Connect to the Telstra 5G network with an Epic plan with three tiers of data allowance from 50GB to 1TB. Access a customised Telstra portal that provides visibility of network performance against the guaranteed uptime monthly SLA.

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Step 4. Customised 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless managed service 

Enjoy an outsourced  managed service delivered by MobileCorp, a Cradlepoint Elite Partner and Telstra 5G Partner. A single point of contact providing  proactive monitoring, technical support, Cradlepoint device management and network performance management, 


Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless is powered by Cradlepoint 5G Adapter

The Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution is powered by the Cradlepoint W2005 Outdoor Wideband Adapter. 

The W2005 5G Wideband Adapter is purpose-built for outdoor deployment to address the tradeoff of lower propagation in the low- to mid-band capacity layer. 

The W2005 can be paired with a Cradlepoint router, or can connect to an existing third-party router via an Ethernet connection.

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Four Enterprise Use Cases for Telstra 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless?

1. For Business Continuity and Failover

This is the most popular use case for 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless. It is applicable to every industry vertical and organisations large and small. The benefits of a secondary 5G link are protection against fixed network outages, accommodating traffic spikes, constructing resilient VPNs, and troubleshooting remotely both the wireless and primary router utilising out of band management through the wireless link.

2. For Reliable Primary 5G connectivity to existing sites

Primary 5G connectivity has a viable use case as a standalone 5G link or for enterprises wanting to complement an existing fixed connection in an active/active setup to provide more resilience, being confident that the full load of that site can be carried for extended periods. Examples of existing use cases include retail stores, branch offices, wholesale suppliers, logistics, and health clinics.

3. For Agile New Site Connectivity 

A key benefit of the 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution is speed to deployment. Traditionally, the wait for NBN or fixed infrastructure can easily stretch into months, and that's without factoring in potential civil works. By comparison, a Telstra 5G wireless solution can be provisioned in around four weeks.

Enterprise customers who are setting up new retail branches, warehouses and other greenfield sites can benefit from  a strong reliable connection during set-up and beyond. In many cases, if fixed infrastructure is eventually deployed, the 5G wireless access can be utilised as a secondary business continuity link. 

4. For Semi-Temporary Sites

We are living in an increasingly agile world. The traditional fixed infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose for many business use cases. 

Enterprise customers requiring a strong reliable connection for sites that may have a tenure of 6 months to 2 years will see obvious benefits in this 5G wireless solution. Examples could be construction huts, road and rail projects, retail kiosks and event venues.

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