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MobileCorp deploys Cradlepoint cellular network for Marine Rescue NSW

02 Jul 2020

MobileCorp is proud to announce that we are a key partner in delivering an important communications network upgrade for Marine Rescue NSW.

Marine Rescue NSW is an amazing community service organisation whose mission is to keep the boating community safe on our waters.

Every minute can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency on the water. The new communications platform will give MRNSW absolute confidence that they can respond immediately to distress calls from boaters caught in a potentially life-threatening situation.


MobileCorp will supply and deploy 5G-ready Cradlepoint branch network routers for 45 coastal MRNSW sites and also sites on the Alpine Lakes, Murray River and Lord Howe Island. This solution will provide reliable and agile wireless Telstra 4G LTE connectivity, automated traffic routing, and prioritised traffic management.
We will be also be managing the MRNSW mobile fleet providing a single point of contact for mobile operations, lifecycle management, end user support and telecom expense management.
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New communications upgrade will save lives

MobileCorp and Exigo Tech - two Telstra Platinum Partners - have worked together to provide a superior solution for a critical service organisation.

Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner, Stacey Tannos, said the exciting project would provide the service with essential communications surety.

“We work closely with Telstra and our technology partners ExigoTech Pty Ltd and MobileCorp 
Marine Rescue Stacey Tannos Commissioner MRNSW1
to  ensure we have reliable networks and IT solutions, so we can be certain we can activate our crews, answer boaters’ calls for help and access our online vessel tracking and other systems 24/7.
"Every minute can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency on the water. So we need absolute confidence that we can not only answer distress calls from boaters caught in a potentially life-threatening situation but also that we can immediately call out our crews to get on the water."


Marine Rescue NSW are volunteers keeping people safe on the water

Saving lives on the water is the MRNSW mission, 24 hours a day, every day.

The NSW boating community can be confident that when they call for help, a professionally trained and equipped Marine Rescue NSW crew will be quickly under way.

Marine Rescue services to the boating community include:

  • 24/7 emergency Search and Rescue
  • The State’s only 'Log On' and vessel tracking service for recreational boaters, giving them the confidence of knowing a professional rescue service is keeping watch
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of marine radio for distress calls from boaters in trouble along the NSW coastline
  • Boating safety education and advocacy, including boat and jet ski licence and marine radio courses for boaters

Marine Rescue NSW is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organisation.


Learn more about Marine Rescue NSW


Marine Rescue unit base

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MobileCorp is an Authorized Cradlepoint Partner

We are proud to be an accredited and Authorised Cradlepoint Partner. Cradlepoint hardware and network solutions are world-leading. They are the first to launch future-proofed 5G compatible devices and have partnered with Telstra to develop a 5G customer business edge solution.

Cradlepoint's NetCloud Service is a complete software platform thats allows online monitoring and analysis of the edge.

Endpoint services include:

  • Enterprise-class routing
  • SD-WAN traffic control
  • VPN connectivity
  • Out-of-Band Management

Connectivity services include:

  • LTE and 5G connectivity
  • Intelligent carrier selection
  • Cellular-tailored visibility and analytics
  • Integrated Wi-Fi

Marine Rescue NSW


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