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How MobileCorp won the Telstra Enterprise Innovation Award 2021

11 Jan 2022

MobileCorp has been named the Winner of the Telstra Enterprise Partner Innovation Award for 2021. How did we earn this prestigious title?

In three words, MobileCorp won the Telstra Enterprise Partner Innovation Award for...making 5G real.

We knew that 5G would be transformational for business, so two years ago we determined that MobileCorp would become the 'go to' 5G Telstra partner.

We invested in levelling up our 5G capability, completed the Telstra 5G specialisation program, teamed up with world-leading vendors, and created a 5G dream team.

During 2021, MobileCorp deployed some of the first 5G networks in Australia across the retail, event management, construction, marine and public safety verticals.

In Telstra's words...

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Our 5G Innovation Highlights 2021


💎 MobileCorp launches 5G Site Assessment Service

Is the 5G signal at your business location suitable to meet your bandwidth and reliability requirements?

MobileCorp launched a 5G Site Assessment Service which provides the technical data required to quantify a location's 5G availability. Our 5G Site Feasibility Report is prepared by a certified radio engineer.

#3 5G map


5G Site Assessment Enquiry full width blog


💎MobileCorp begins 5G On-Site Deployment Service

A key benefit of a 5G solution is its rapid deployment. With NBN taking months to connect, 5G is a viable alternative in many locations. MobileCorp offers a rapid On-Site Deployment which includes

  • procurement and configuration of hardware
  • on-site installation of hardware
  • Telstra carriage provisioning
  •  on-site testing of connectivity
  • an optional ongoing Managed Service including 24/7 monitoring, out-of-band management, technical support and more.

#4 5G install


💎 Federal Government 5G Innovation Grant success

In June we partnered with two drone vendors and the Gidarjil Development Corporation in Bundaberg to apply for a Federal Government 5G Innovation Grant.  The successful application returned a $284,000 grant to trial 5G-enabled video streaming from aerial and underwater drones operated by the land and sea rangers of the Gidarjil Development Corporation in Bundaberg. Read about our 5G Grant Project

Round 2 grant applications will open in early 2022. Partner with us to give your application a headstart.

Gidarjil Sea Rangers


5G Innovation Grants Learn more


💎 MobileCorp wins Cradlepoint 'APAC Growth Partner of the Year'

Winning the Cradlepoint APAC Growth Partner of the Year was a huge achievement for MobileCorp and told us we were on the right track.

APAC Growth Partner of the Year

At the outset of our 5G journey, we knew we needed to be aligned with the most innovative technology partners, and our search for the global leaders in cloud-delivered 5G wireless edge solutions led us directly to Cradlepoint

The Cradlepoint Australia team were key to MobileCorp's growth. We worked hard to become the first Australian Cradlepoint Elite Partner and 5G for Enterprise for Branch specialists. 

Introduction to Cradlepoint with MobileCorp


💎MobileCorp chosen as Telstra Enhanced Enterprise Wireless fulfilment partner

MobileCorp worked with Telstra on the development of its world-leading 5G Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution.

This is the first 5G solution to provide guaranteed network uptime providing peace of mind in both primary and failover connectivity scenarios.

The solution was launched by Telstra in July 2021 and MobileCorp was chosen as the inaugural fulfilment partner providing

  • rapid deployment
  • 5G site feasibility qualification
  • on-site installation 
  • Cradlepoint licensing
  • Cradlepoint W2005 procurement and configuration
  • NetCloud instance build and ongoing management of Cradlepoint device and network connectivity
  • 24/7 network performance monitoring
  • network connectivity alerts and issue resolution
  • Cradlepoint device remote troubleshooting and out-of-band management 
  • technical support helpdesk
  • planned Telstra network outage notifications
  • Cradlepoint device hot swap program
  • monthly reporting

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Connect with MobileCorp - your 5G experts

So, do you have an idea that requires the speed, latency or bandwidth of 5G?

Would like to trial a 5G-enabled Proof of Concept, perhaps in IOT or Vehicle or Security?

Could you use 5G in your business to

  1. Add Link Diversity
  2. Deploy Dual-Carrier connections
  3. Provide Hardware Redundancy
  4. Construct resilient VPNs
  5. Accommodate traffic spikes or separate out critical traffic
  6. Allow for remote out-of-band management
  7. Rapid connection of a new site
  8. Agile connectivity for pop-up or temporary sites


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