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What is the Cradlepoint '5G for Enterprise Branch' solution?

19 May 2021

Cradlepoint introduced the '5G for Enterprise Branch' specialisation in early 2021 to ensure that its partners and resellers were equipped to deploy Cradlepoint 5G Wireless WAN solutions with optimal performance.


The '5G for Enterprise Branch' specialisation from Cradlepoint recognises partner vendors who have reached Elite Partner status and also demonstrated the knowledge and capability to deliver the Cradlepoint 5G for Enterprise Branch solution.

In Australia, MobileCorp is the only Sydney-based Cradlepoint Elite Partner and we are also the only Telstra Enterprise Partner to hold the '5G for Enterprise Branch' accreditation. 

5G for branch specialisation

What is the Cradlepoint '5G for Enterprise Branch' solution?

Exactly as it sounds, this is a solution which utilises 5G for Branch connectivity. 

It is an enterprise-grade solution which employs a Cradlepoint cloud-managed intelligent 5G router, enterprise-grade antenna, and the 5G network of your choice. 

The scope of the '5G for Enterprise Branch' solution includes

  • combining 4G, Gigabit-class LTE, and 5G in a single wireless WAN
  • supporting all 5G spectrums across all carriers
  • interoperating with existing customer SD-WAN and router infrastructures
  • simplifying the entire network management lifecycle with the NetCloudTMplatform

It is a proven solution which has already been deployed around the world, yet had its roots right here in Australia.

Cradlepoint is the market leader in developing the world’s first 5G-enabled modems. In collaboration with Telstra,  the first '5G for Business' solution was launched in July 2020. Case Study: Taylor Construction.

Taylor construction hologram 5G

Read the Taylors Case Study


When is a '5G for Enterprise Branch' solution relevant?

'5G Enterprise Branch' networking - as the name implies - was envisioned as a connectivity option for satellite branch locations.

The solution has been popular with many different types of distributed enterprises with multiple branch locations. Examples have included corporate offices, car sales yards, retail stores, and also fast food outlets.

However, perhaps a little less obviously, 5G branch networking could also look like  

  • pop-up stores in a variety of settings including stadiums, markets, health clinics, drive-through coffee shops
  • a 'store within a store' in a retail setting e.g. zero trust networking
  • guest wireless access in a hospitality setting
  • temporary or moving locations such as road or rail construction
  • day 1 connectivity for new sites 

Branch use casesImage Clockwise: 5G Branch connectivity for pop-up stores, car yards,
Covid clinics, construction sites, store-within-a-store, merchandising temporary outlet


How does the '5G for Enterprise Branch' connectivity solution work?

Where 5G is available, it will rival fibre speeds while providing tremendous flexibility and operational simplicity.

The most common ways that a 5G for Enterprise Branch solution is applied are:

icon branch network  Primary Wireless WAN

Gain the agility of day 1 connectivity but still retain reliability, security, application performance and ease of management.

icon cloud bandwidth  Augmented Bandwidth

For bandwidth augmentation using wireless-optimised SD-WAN

icon no connection   Failover Wireless WAN

Using LTE or 5G as the secondary connection to a wired router or SD-WAN deployment. Intelligent Cradlepoint enterprise-class routers sense the primary connection failure and switch over to the secondary connection — often without the onsite personnel noticing the change. Once the primary connection is restored, the NetCloud Service switches the connection back without any disruption.

branch continuity failover diagram

Benefits of Cradlepoint '5G for Enterprise Branch'

5G lifts wireless WAN to the next level. At the rate of rollout, it would be a poor decision to implement a wireless WAN solution that was not future-proofed for 5G. 

  • Optimise 5G and SDWAN - Cradlepoint SD-WAN is built for a wireless, cloud-first world with a focus on non-disruptive insertion and massive scale. 
  • Connect with Enterprise Class Cellular  -Leverage solutions with advanced modem modules, proprietary software, and support for Australian carriers, to unlock the power of Gigabit-class LTE and 5G.
  • Secure critical information - All-in-one solutions that have integrated security including app-based control, firewall, threat detection, content filtering, and access to cloud-based security.
  • Centralised Cloud Management - Get your branches connected without truck rolls or on-site IT professionals. Centrally define global policies and monitor the network and applications.

Enterprise Branch Solution

Introduction to Cradlepoint with MobileCorp



Features of Cradlepoint '5G for Enterprise Branch' 

Icon - SD WAN Traffic Control SD WAN Traffic Control

WAN Link Diversity - Cellular wireless has become a common WAN link due to the increasing amount of bandwidth supported with 4G, Gigabit-Class LTE, and 5G as well as the ability to reach hard-to-link areas. Wireless has served as a failover WAN for link diversity but has increasingly served as a primary link or as a link for bandwidth augmentation. Regardless of the use case, SD-WAN is an integral part of a well-functioning wireless WAN. But not every SD-WAN solution understands the unique needs of cellular wireless like Cradlepoint NetCloud. NetCloud provides the ability to direct traffic based on link quality without needing special headend equipment or proprietary tunnels to preserve existing data center operations.WAN Link Diversity

Smart WAN Selection -Smart WAN Selection intelligently assesses the health of each WAN link and its ability to run applications. IT teams can set traffic and failover policies based on high-level business intent, then rely on routers running Cradlepoint NetCloud to detect an outage or a deteriorated link and automatically failover.

Application Quality - Use NetCloud to set policies to optimise bandwidth and enhance application performance. NetCloud starts by providing traffic steering, application-awareness, and management tools to enhance WAN performance. Enhance application quality by application class, utilise app-level classification for over 1,500 traditional and web-based apps, automate class-based QoS for every flow (Auto QoS), and configure traffic steering based on qualitative (QoS) and quantitative events (failover) and Smart WAN Selection (SWANS).


Icon - optimised uptime  Automatic Failover and Failback

NetCloud capabilities, combined with LTE and 5G endpoints, help maintain connections even when the primary link fails. Cradlepoint NetCloud with LTE and 5G endpoints senses the primary connection failure and switches over to the secondary connection so that applications and data continue to perform and connect uninterrupted — often without the onsite personnel noticing the change. Once the primary connection is restored, the NetCloud Service switches the connection back without any disruption.

With Cradlepoint, there are two options for achieving optimised uptime.  A Cradlepoint router with integrated LT provides edge routing connectivity and routing and has the intelligence to detect a degradation or outage and move traffic accordingly.  Alternatively, a Cradlepoint adapter can be added to a router or SD-WAN appliance operating one of several adapter modes listed below which gives the ability to use wireless as the failover connection to the network.


Icon - enterprise class routing Enterprise Class Routing


Dynamic Routing Protocols - Despite the availability of routing and other network protocols for decades, their existence and usefulness over cellular wireless links are critical for enterprise-class network connectivity. Cradlepoint uses standards-based dynamic routing protocols to intelligently and automatically route traffic based on the assigned policies and underlying network conditions. Cradlepoint supports enterprise-class routing protocols such as border gateway protocol (BGP), open shortest path first (OSPF), routing information protocol (RIP), and open enhanced interior gateway routing protocol (Open EIGRP). In addition, NetCloud supports virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP) and spanning tree protocol (STP) as well as tunneling protocols including IPSec, Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE), and dynamic multipoint VPN (DMVPN).

VPN Support - Secure connectivity begins with robust VPN support (including IPSec and DMVPN).  NetCloud sets this up and interoperates with existing headend offerings. Using NetCloud for centralised management, a Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) creates a mesh VPN topology that connects each site (spoke). These spokes can also connect directly with all other sites, no matter where they are located. DMVPN creates a simplified hub router configuration without the need for multiple tunnel interfaces for each (spoke) VPN. Spoke routers can also dynamically create VPN tunnels between each other if network data needs to travel from one location to another.  This reduces bandwidth to the hub and reduces latency between the spokes. Auto VPN is a NetCloud capability that transitions the manual, labor-intensive steps of setting up VPN tunnels into a simple, software-defined, and cloud-orchestrated process that takes just a few clicks.


MobileCorp is your Australian '5G for Enterprise Branch' specialist

Being a Cradlepoint Elite Partner and 5G for Enterprise Branch Specialist, means that Cradlepoint has recognised MobileCorp as having technical capability and solution architecture expertise to lead Australian enterprises in 5G Branch solutions.

MobileCorp is also the only Telstra Enterprise Partner to be hold these Cradlepoint accreditations. 

cradlepoint 5g branch specalisation badge

cradlepoint for branch specialisation feature


"I am very proud of my team who have exceeded all the training and accreditation benchmarks required by Cradlepoint, and who have also been hands-on busy assisting Australian organisations to understand these leading edge 5G-compatible technologies."

Stephen Aravopoulos, managing director of MobileCorp


MobileCorp is also the Cradlepoint APAC Managed Service Provider of the Year.

At the 2022 Cradlepoint Wireless WAN awards, MobileCorp was named the Cradlepoint APAC MSP of the Year, and in 2021 we were Cradlepoint APAC Growth Partner of the Year.

MobileCorp offers Cradlepoint network solutions and a managed service which is carrier agnostic and includes:

  • network solution architecture
  • hardware procurement or leasing
  • router configuration and deployment
  • NetCloud portal configuration
  • 24/7 monitoring of equipment and links
  • level 2 service desk including:
    • fault diagnosis and resolution
    • remote equipment diagnostic and reprogramming
    • phone support 
    • response and restoration targets
  • priority replacement program for hardware
  • device retrieval/redeployment program for security of hardware>
  • monthly reporting
  • Telstra customers may have hardware and managed service fees charged against the monthly Telstra bill

Cradlepoint badges vertical 2022


Introduction to Cradlepoint

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