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MobileCorp develops Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle proof of concept kit

13 Jul 2023

Sydney-based Cradlepoint MSP, MobileCorp, has developed a Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle Proof of Concept Kit which allows companies to trial 5G connectivity without upfront capital costs.

'Always-on' data connectivity is imperative in today's business world and this expectation extends to secure connected vehicles.

The use cases for connected vehicles continues to grow, including:

  • IoT sensors in long-haul trucks
  • POS and guest Wi-Fi in taxis and public transport
  • GPS and telematics in supply chain vehicles
  • Camera's and video streaming in security vehicles
  • Internet access for field force agents
  • First responder vehicles may require all of the above

The rise of Cradlepoint's 5G-native vehicle routers along with cloud management has expanded the capabilities, security and reliability of vehicle connectivity.

Vehicle connectivity

What's included in the Cradlepoint In-Vehicle POC Kit?

The objective of the Connected Vehicle POC Kit is to be able to fully trial 4G and 5G mobile connectivity in a geographical area without having to purchase the Cradlepoint router or physically compromise the vehicle.

Typically, a connected vehicle would have the router installed in a secured, limited access location that ideally requires a tool or key to access. It would be installed to avoid accidental touch as the touch surface may exceed 60°C when operating in high temperatures.

The location would need enough space for antenna attachment and be within reasonable proximity of the distribution block and/or fuse panel as the power source.  

An external antenna would also be fixed to the vehicle - usually adjacent to the front windscreen or on the roof - and connected to the router. 

MobileCorp's POC Kit enables a full trial of the technology without drilling any holes or modifying the vehicle by attaching equipment to it.

The kit includes:

  • a Cradlepoint R1900 5GB high-performance, ruggedised metal router with embedded business-class LTE modem with NetCloud Mobile Performance Essentials + Advanced licence
  • a Cradlepoint RX-30 managed accessory with modem expansion slot and four additional standard GbE ports for carrier diversity and the ability to add additional connected devices
  • a Cradlepoint MC-400 second modular 5G modem for dual carrier connectivity
  • Panorama 3G+4G+4GLTE+5G MiMo Desk Antenna with suction cup for temporary on-window setup
  • a battery pack for portable power negating the need to hardwire into your vehicle for a power source
  • all cables and connectors
  • HD Series Utility Hard Case which is light weight, impact resistant, waterproof, dust-proof, shock resistant and able to withstand harsh environments. These tough cases are ideally used for protecting sensitive equipment and come with padded dividers and custom padded inserts to immobilise and protect the hardware. 

R1900 MobileCorp kitImage: MobileCorp's Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle Proof of Concept Kit


What does MobileCorp offer with its Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle PoC service?

We're not just going to hand you the kit and say good luck! The MobileCorp team will act as your co-driver/navigator for the duration of the POC.

Step 1.  Setup

MobileCorp will collaborate with you to define the parameters and outcomes of the POC, and will set you up for success by providing:

  • Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle Proof of Concept Kit with all the hardware components you will need to trial in-vehicle connectivity - 4GLTE and 5G - across multiple carriers.
  • SIM card connectivity for the carrier network(s) of your choice. MobileCorp can provision these for you and insert SIMs into the modem(s) prior to shipping.
  • Router configuration provisioned by MobileCorp's certified Cradlepoint engineers.
  • Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager instance. This will give visibility of the Wireless WAN including geo-fencing, geo-tracking, cellular coverage maps, security, and built-in intelligence for optimisation of connection performance across multiple cellular carriers.

NetCloud for Vehicles Inclusions FeaturesImage: Cradlepoint NetCloud for Mobile Licensing Inclusions

Step 2. Trial Period

Now you are ready to start moving....

In most cases, the Proof of Concept will take place over 2-4 weeks as the vehicle is driven around within its usual geographic range.

MobileCorp will support your trial by allocating one of our Cradlepoint engineers to the POC. He will liaise with your driver, monitor connectivity,  and make optimisation changes as required. He will also be available for support and trouble-shooting.

MobileCorp's engineer will utilise Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager to provide visibility of :

  • Location services: Provides a real-time view of the location of the various routers.

  • Location tracking: Offers a historical view of a vehicle

  • Coverage Mapping: Integrated heatmaps allow a view of the cellular health of the R1900 in an intuitive, visual way. It allows for a quick comparison of cellular health between carriers and between bands.

  • Cellular Signal Health: A real-time view of the signal quality (SINR, RSRQ, RSRP, EC/lo, RSSI) and signal strength (RSSI). In addition to viewing the signal quality in real time, it is possible to provide a historical view over predefined or customisable ranges.

  • Traffic Usage: Not only do we capture usage data but powerful ML/AI capabilities forecast data usage based on current usage patterns. To ensure you never have an overage, alerts can be set up to inform you when you have reached a certain data usage threshold on pooled accounts for a single carrier and/or on just a single router.

  • Traffic Steering: The NetCloud Quality of Experience card gives a ranking of your WAN's network latency. Application QoE information is displayed for each application including bytes in/bytes out amounts for each application and a health score. NetCloud also provides visibility of how your traffic-steering rules are affecting your network traffic.

  • Security Dashboard: The NetCloud Manager Security dashboard is an Advanced Plan feature that provides a high-level overview of your network security activity and incidents, from a single location. The information shown on the Security dashboard is the result of your Cradlepoint Secure Web Filter (CPSWF), Cradlepoint Secure Threat Management (CPSTM), and router configurations.

NetCloud coverage mapImage: NetCloud Manager Cellular coverage map depicting signal strength

Step 3. Analysis and Reporting

When the Proof of Concept trial period is completed, MobileCorp will share a series of reports on how each of the carrier(s) have performed, where drop-outs have occurred, how the second SIM failover performed, and other insights from the NetCloud Manager platform.

We will also provide a recommendation for future in-vehicle solution architecture and deployments.

Netcloud cellular health vehicle

Image: NetCloud Manager RSRP performance 

What is the cost of a Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle POC ?

Try before you buy.

The Connected Vehicle Proof of Concept service is designed so that businesses can trial the technology without the upfront investment of purchasing the Cradlepoint hardware and licence, and without the commitment of a vehicle installation.

MobileCorp charges a one-off monthly cost for the Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle Proof of Concept service.

This fee covers all the hardware, software, carriage, engineering, cloud management, support, and reporting that you need to run a full POC and have meaningful outcomes.

Specifically it includes:

  • Lease of the Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle PoC Kit with R1900, RX-30, MC400, Mimo antenna, power pack, cables & connectors
  • Cradlepoint Essentials + Advanced mobile licence
  • Configuration of the R1900 router
  • NetCloud instance setup/enrolment
  • SIM card(s) provisioning and activation from chosen carrier(s)
  • Carriage fees. An appropriate voice and data allowance will be provided
  • Certified MobileCorp engineer to monitor, manage, support and report on the PoC
  • >MobileCorp Account Manager to provide business oversight, strategic solution advice, commercials, deliver POC reports, and be a first point of contact throughout the project

 What is the monthly fee?


Why choose a Cradlepoint mobile router?

Cradlepoint is widely acknowledged as a global leader in 5G hardware and software.

While many router manufacturers are just releasing their first generation 5G-embedded devices, Cradlepoint has had its second generation 5G devices in market since mid-2021, and has been aggressively advancing its cloud management and cybersecurity capabilities ever since.


The R1900 is a 5G high-performance ruggedised router designed for the ultimate in-vehicle network connectivity. It is future-proofed with dual modem connectivity enabled through the RX-30 which holds an expansion slot for the additional MC-400 modem, as well as four additional standard GbE ports for carrier diversity and the ability to add additional connected devices.

Cradlepoint R1900 Datasheet

R1900 Cradlepoint vehicle router

NetCloud Manager

All Cradlepoint routers and adapters are sold globally with a subscription to NetCloud Manager. This is a platform which provides continuous cloud, modem and router software visibility, as well as policy and configuration management, monitoring alerts, cellular health and remote out-of-band device management.

Cradlepoint netcloud


Why MobileCorp?

MobileCorp is Australia's leading Cradlepoint MSP. We have deployed some of Australia's first Cradlepoint enabled 5G networks. Visit our website here for more information.

Cradlepoint Network certifications 2022


Ready to talk about a Cradlepoint Connected Vehicle Proof of Concept?

At MobileCorp we are Cradlepoint aficionados. We love to chat about innovative use cases utilising 5G and are happy to share our knowledge. Reach out to talk about anything Cradlepoint including our Connected Vehicle POC Kit.

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