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iOS17 Update Alert: Why your business needs to ditch iPhone 8 and X

26 Sep 2023

Australian businesses who still have employees carrying iPhone 8s or iPhone X series need to upgrade now as those devices are no longer supported under iOS17.


It can be tempting to hold onto those iPhone 8s and Xs that are lingering in your corporate mobile fleet but the arrival of iOS17 means now is the time to weed them out. 

Do you have iPhone 8s or iPhone X in your corporate fleet?

The iPhone 8 was one of the best-selling iPhones of all time. By the time it was discontinued in February 2020 there had been 86.3 million units shipped worldwide.

Today, there are still plenty of iPhone 8s and iPhone Xs in circulation in Australian businesses. 

iOS17, released in early September 2023, will no longer support the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

What does it mean if a corporate iPhone is no longer supported?

When an iPhone is no longer supported, it means that Apple has stopped releasing software updates and providing technical support for the device.

Apple typically supports its iPhones for about six years from launch. Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were originally shipped with iOS 11 in 2017. 

Apple assigns a lifespan of about three years to an iPhone, and generally extends support for three years after an iPhone is discontinued and no longer available to purchase.

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What are the risks of an iPhone that is no longer supported?

With new iPhones costing in excess of AUD$1000, many companies have increasingly looked to sweat these assets by either stretching out the upgrade cycle or only replacing devices as they become inoperable.  

This has resulted in many companies holding onto iPhones which have moved into the 'unsupported' category.

The main concern with using an unsupported iPhone is the heightened risk of using a device which is not receiving security updates, but there are many other impacts which will become more noticeable over time. 

  • No More Security Updates: When your iPhone is no longer supported, it becomes vulnerable to security threats because it doesn't receive security patches and updates. Older, unsupported devices can become targets for hackers and malware developers.

  • Limited App Compatibility: Not immediately, but over a period of time some apps may no longer receive updates or perform properly. As app developers focus on supporting newer platforms, your phone may not be able to run the latest versions of popular apps.

  • Decreased Performance:  As iOS updates become more demanding in terms of hardware resources, older iPhones may struggle to run the latest software smoothly. This can result in slower performance and reduced responsiveness. We have also seen Apple deliberately slow down the software on older devices. 

  • Hardware Limitations: Older devices may struggle to handle newer technologies and features, such as advanced camera functions, augmented reality, or high-definition video streaming.

  • Accessories: Newer accessories and peripherals may not work with older iPhones, as they may rely on hardware features and connections that are not present in outdated models.

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What is the level of risk from employees using an unsupported iPhone?

Let's recognise that there is a risk, but let's not overstate it.

There is definitely an increased risk in having an unsupported iPhone in your corporate fleet. The risks extend from the compromised security posture to the diminished performance of the device.

However, but the security risk can be mitigated until such time as the device is upgraded. 

Automated iOS Push

For a company that has its corporate devices enrolled in a MDM platform - like Microsoft Intune or VMware Workspace ONE - an iOS update can be pushed OTA to all devices.

This won't mitigate performance issues but it will resolve the security threat. 

If your company does not currently utilise a Mobile Device Management solution, now might be the time to explore this option. Not only will it remove the risk of an unsupported iPhone but also allow 'Zero-touch' device deployment, and make life a whole lot easier for IT teams to manage Applications on your devices. Learn more

Manual iOS Pull

Even if your company does not currently have a Mobile Device Management solution, there is always the option for the user to manually download each iOS update as it is released.

The kicker here is that the end user will not be notified by Apple that a software update has been released, so your IT team will need to let them know.

The end user will then have to go into the Settings of the device and manually pull the iOS update.

Bear in mind, however, there will be no definitive way for the company to know that the end user has performed this task successfully. There will be no visibility of compliant devices, as there would be with an MDM solution in place. 

There is also a tendency for users to uninstall updates if they notice a negative impact on their iPhone's performance, especially battery life.  



How can MobileCorp help?

A Managed Mobility partner like MobileCorp will provide expert capability across the procurement, deployment, management and support of your corporate mobile fleet. This means

  • Peace of mind that your corporate devices are secured and managed
  • Having a superior experience for your end users from zero-touch deployment, to managed updates, to responsive support help desk
  • Knowing you are leveraging the best value from your carrier(s) 

MobileCorp is a Managed Mobility MSP with more than 30 years' experience. We are also a Telstra Platinum Mobility Partner, an Apple Authorised Reseller and Service Provider, and we partner with leading device management vendors like Microsoft, and VMware.

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