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Boosting Travelex unified comms with secure tablet and app deployment

12 Oct 2022


Improved APAC employee communication by deploying a secure mobile phone and tablet with custom app and VMware instance to Travelex foreign exchange kiosks across Australia and New Zealand.

Travelex is the world’s largest foreign exchange bureau trading in over 80 currencies and operating in 70 countries. It has 140 stores across Australia and 115 foreign exchange ATMs located at major airports, shopping centres, CBDs and suburbs.

Sites: 140
End Users: 600


Travelex had developed a custom app – Ollie – to communicate HR, sales, and leadership information to employees across Australia and New Zealand.

They required mobile devices to be procured, secured and deployed with Ollie and other approved applications, available on the devices.

The devices needed to be locked down to corporate use only; and Travelex required the ability to secure the devices should they be lost or stolen. 

The Ollie application needed to be delivered with a zero-touch requirement of the end user; and ongoing remote management of the app was required.



MobileCorp utilised its Device Lifecycle service to procure low-cost Telstra Signature 2 phones and Samsung tablets, and to provision the devices with Telstra mobile connections.

The Mobile Device Management (MDM) team enrolled the tablets in the Samsung Knox security platform, then built a VMWare AirWatch instance with separate profiles for the tablets and phones. 

The tablet was set up with a kiosk style profile which restricted end users to a view of one screen with 4 custom Travelex-approved apps. The phone profile allowed end users more freedom with 11 apps deployed. AirWatch allows device lock and device wipe actions if a device is compromised.

Once staging was complete, the devices were delivered to sites to across Australia and NZ. 



  • Enhanced internal communications: The Ollie app – critical to internal communication – was now easily accessible to employees across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Remote app management: The custom AirWatch profiles built by MobileCorp allow Travelex to push updates to its corporate app remotely. Apps can also be added or removed without retrieving the devices. 
  • Secure corporate-owned devices: The AirWatch platform allows Travelex IT to lock a device or permanently wipe all corporate data from a device should it become compromised.

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