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Managed Mobility Service frees Medtronic APAC IT team

12 Oct 2022


Medtronic’s IT team is freed to focus on core KPIs by outsourcing the time-consuming mobile lifecycle management tasks to MobileCorp’s ‘Device as a Service’ solution.

As the world’s largest medical device company, Medtronic is passionate about providing access to medical technology that changes the face of chronic disease. They have a global workforce of more than 85,000 Medtronic employees, including more than 800 staff across Australia and New Zealand.

Sites: 2
End Users: 800


Medtronic’s IT team was fielding 50 requests a month for new devices. These included replacements for broken or lost phones, and new devices for onboarding employees. 


This level of operational activity was a huge time investment and drain on internal IT resource and impacted the team’s ability to attend to core business. Competing priorities also meant that devices would often take weeks to reach an end user.


MobileCorp delivered its Managed Mobility solution.

MobileCorp warehouses devices for Medtronic to insure against supply constraints. This also allows MobileCorp to respond immediately to any device deployment request.

Medtronic devices are carrier-provisioned, enrolled in VMWare AirWatch, fitted with a case and screen protector, and overnight delivered. 

For New Zealand-based employees, the devices are preconfigured in batches and shipped for local carrier connection.



  • Frees up internal IT team: The internal IT team was freed from the tasks of mobile device procurement, provisioning, configuration and delivery.
  • Rapid replacement of devices delivering productivity gains: New employees are provided with a secure full-service onboarding with ‘out of the box’ deployment allowing immediate productivity.
  • Cost savings from bulk procurement: MobileCorp’s buying power delivered savings on the cost of procuring devices. Devices are held in stock for future rapid deployment.
  • Cost savings from extended device lifecycle: By investing in accessories at 10% of the cost of a device, Medtronic has experienced significant savings over the life of the device.

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