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Telecom expense management delivers 15% savings for Ingham's

12 Oct 2022


MobileCorp delivered its telecom expense management solution - TEMS - to provide visibility and accountability for usage and costs, resulting in a 15 percent saving across the Ingham’s mobile fleet.

ASX listed, Ingham Enterprises, is one of the largest producers and suppliers of poultry and fodder in Australia. Their operations include 345 facilities and farms employing over 9,000 people across Australia and New Zealand. 

Cost centres: 875
End users: 1,000


A growing APAC mobile fleet meant increasing expenditure and a limited visibility of costs.

Ingham’s existing telecom expense management tool was a static spreadsheet with minimal ability to manipulate data or extract useful insights.

The ability to keep track of expenditure had become critical to governance, budgeting and compliance.

Ingham’s needed a TEMS solution that delivered visibility of device ownership and expenditure, accountability for expenditure, and insights into cost saving optimisations.



Ingham’s engaged MobileCorp to demonstrate its three TEMs solutions. Briefing sessions were held with relevant stakeholders from finance, IT and procurement to ensure that the chosen solution would meet each department’s requirements.
Ingham’s adopted the MobileCorp TEMS Pro solution which provides a 24/7 online billing portal assigning expenditure by user, service, usage type, location and cost centre. Detailed and agile reporting of trend and actual costs, and access to historical billing data is available online to nominated administrators.



  • 15 percent savings: Visibility of usage allowed dormant devices and service plans to be identified and cancelled, or retrieved and redeployed. Exception reporting identified abnormal and excess charges which were followed up with employees. The result was a 15 percent reduction in Ingham’s monthly bill. 
  • Cost centre accountability for expenditure: Accurate allocation of expenditure and usage by cost centre resulted in awareness, vigilance and accountability from line management. 
  • Employee responsibility for usage: It’s easy for costs to skyrocket… if no one’s watching. The simple act of employees knowing their mobile bill was visible to their manager reduced unauthorised use. Employees also became auditors for the company by questioning unexpected charges on their individual bills. 
  • Compliance to corporate mobility policy: Visibility resulted in the decline of unauthorised usage and minimised outside-plan excess charges. 
  • Accurate forecasting, budgeting and cost allocation: Business intelligence insights and trend reporting informed accurate forecasting and budgeting. Accurate cost allocation allowed ‘dumping’ costs in the IT budget to be eliminated.

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