A total of 2,300 services were ported to Telstra in under three weeks, meeting Thales’ business-critical project deadline and allowing them to avoid penalty charges.

Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets. It has 65,000 employees and operations in 56 countries. In Australia, Thales has 3,700 employees across 35 sites.

Sites: 23
End Users: 2,300


After expiry of their current telco carrier contract, Thales Group was on a tight deadline of one month to transition (port) their mobile fleet to Telstra. Failure to meet the deadline would mean their existing telco carrier would impose increased contracted rates for the services resulting in a hefty bill.


With a fleet of 2300+ services across 23 sites in capital cities and remote regional areas, Thales looked to outsource the time-critical project before the deadline, and to ensure it was accurately executed without impacting internal IT resources.




Developing a managed transition plan with the Thales IT and procurement departments was key to a successful migration. This included gathering information on each service to be migrated, and developing a structured timeline covering each location. 

MobileCorp managed mobility team implemented the porting of services in batches managing all end user communication and co-ordination.

End users were advised of their transition date and the porting process was explained. A welcome pack was created for each end user with simple set-up guide, a help hotline was made available, and MobileCorp sent a specialist to ten major sites across Australia to resolve any issues.

The project was fully outsourced to MobileCorp to minimise impact on the Thales IT department.



  • Migration to business-critical deadline: 2,300 services were ported to Telstra in just under 3 weeks meeting Thales’ project deadline.
  • Avoidance of contract penalties: Porting all services within 3 weeks meant Thales avoided $thousands in increased monthly contractual fees from its existing carrier.
  • Great end user Telstra experience: Thales end users enjoyed an issue-free transition to Telstra with no downtime or loss of productivity. MobileCorp provided a great first experience with Telstra and continue to provide ongoing managed services to Thales.


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