A secure managed deployment of 2000 mobile devices across ten George Weston sites without disruption to its workforce.

George Weston Foods is one of the largest consumer product manufacturers in Australia employing over 6000 people across 58 sites. It is the producer of well-known bakery brand, Tip Top; as well as packaged cold meats and cheeses, and cleaning and industrial chemicals.

Sites: 10
End Users: 2,000


Facing a legacy fleet of outdated devices, George Weston Foods needed to completely refresh its mobile assets to enhance workforce productivity.


With over 2000 devices to deploy, the internal IT team needed assistance in managing such a large-scale project to ensure a seamless experience for a workforce which varied in age, technological capability, and across multiple locations Australia-wide.




MobileCorp assumed project management responsibility to free up George Weston Foods’ internal IT resources.

MobileCorp’s Mobile Managed Services team ensured all devices were seamlessly procured, assigned to an individual user and cost centre, and provisioned with carrier service plan, and SIM.

MobileCorp visited factories, bakeries and warehousing sites around Australia to supervise distribution of the devices to end users, to demonstrate how to enter their corporate credentials, and to co-ordinate SIM activation with MobileCorp’s provisioning team. All end users received a swift and seamless transition to their new iPhone.




  • Rapid reliable deployment: The device deployment was completed in 11 weeks, without disruption or downtime for end users.
  • Project management accountability: MobileCorp Managed Service assumed accountability for the entirety of the project from design to delivery, relieving the internal IT team of the strategic and operational workload.
  • End user satisfaction: MobileCorp delivered a personalised face-to-face delivery service allowing field workers to feel confident with their new device promoting swift adoption and immediate productivity.


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