Productivity and workplace safety issues were resolved by delivering reliable mobile connectivity during construction of a new building in the Hawkesbury region of NSW.

Advanced Buildings is a high-quality commercial builder, and an insurance building and restorations specialist. It has ten offices in metro and regional centres across the eastern seaboard and employs 150 building and insurance specialists. 

Sites: 1
Users: 10-20


Communication on-site during construction of a Mangrove Mountain property in the Hawkesbury was proving problematic with poor mobile coverage making it impossible to send or receive data and constant dropouts of voice calls. 


Construction management had to leave the site and drive kilometres down the road, closer to a Telstra base station, to find reliable connectivity.

This slowed down work on-site, and was also a work safety issue with workers to move on and off the site.



A site assessment by MobileCorp’s Mobile Managed Services team led to the installation of a Telstra M2 Nighthawk router for data transfer and a Cel Fi GO Repeater to boost voice quality. 


Both devices were connected to a Yagi antenna positioned to intercept the 4G signal from the nearest Telstra cell tower.




  • Effective voice and data connectivity: From having poor to no voice or data service, the Mangrove Mountain construction site was able to rely on access to the Telstra 4G network. 
  • Increased safety and productivity: No longer having to drive off-site to find connectivity had obvious productivity, workplace safety, and communications benefits for Advanced Buildings’ on-site construction project management team.


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